Monday, November 1, 2010

GABR Transport - Diesel (10/25/2010)

A week or so ago we were asked to do a transport for GABR, but at the last minute the little guy was diagnosed with Kennel Cough and had to spend some extra time at the Vet Hospital to get better.  Well we got the call last Thursday that Diesel was ready to go meet his Foster Mom.  So Monday afternoon HDM and HDD went to the Dwight Clinic to pick up Diesel, a 10 month old red/white petite basset boy.  Oh my gosh, this little guy was a delight to transport.  He was so social, loving, adored attention and loved loved to give kisses.  Here are a few of his pictures on his transport to his Foster Mom.  We so love it when HDD goes with us because it makes taking pictures so much easier in the car.


Diesel was very amused at looking out the window and trying to stick his out and gets lots of new sniffs.

He would not sit still for nothing.  Back and forth, Back and forth in the backseat.

Lets see what is out this way

To the front floor board.  He was looking for the treat bag (which I picked up) so he found the bag of potato chips I had forgot about.  Such a good hound nose.

Serious ear scratching going on here.

Just being a silly boy

Okay a brief nap.  Ha Ha

Where did that guy driving go.  Not this way

Nor this way........

Out for walk while we waited for Diesel's Foster Mom to show up.

HDM and Diesel

This is one of my favorite pictures with his ears blowing in the wind

Give us a goofy smile Diesel

This one really cracks me up.  HDD took his picture and just has he snapped it Diesel blinked.

Diesel, you were an absolute joy to transport and I am sure it will not be long before you find your fur-ever home.  You will defiantely bring lots of joy to someone's house.

As always, you can watch for Diesel to be on the GABR website soon.  There are lots of great bassets looking for their fur-ever homes so won't you check out the adoption list today.



  1. Awww he is just a cutie, looks like a total sweetheart and oh my the ears!!

  2. We just adore Diesel - we are thinking it is just as well our mum can't drive over and pick him up!
    Think what fun she would have fattening him up!!!!
    Good work with the transport.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. He is so cute! I love his coloring,and of course his floppy ears

  4. He's just so cute! How did you resist just squeezing the stuffing out of him? I agree, he won't be waiting long for a home at all!


  5. Diesel is a such handsome man! He has very similar coloring to Miss Callie. I am super glad to hear he's got a good foster home to go to! Momma and I love the picture of Diesel blinking and his ears blowing in the wind while with HDM.

    Lots of slobber,

    P.S. Momma and I figure Miss Tabby and Miss Callie are taking good care of each other at the Rainbow Bridge.

  6. He sure looks like a happy guy. Glad he is on his way to a loving furever home.


  7. Diesel defiantly looks like he has an outgoing personality...we wish him well on his journey to a fur-ever home!


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