Friday, December 11, 2009

We're Back

Boy it sure has been a long time since HDM allowed us to take control of the computer. Actually HDM has been very busy with the Basset Rescue over the last couple of months. Picking up and dropping bassets off left and right. We are just so glad that she doesn't spend lots of time with these bassets, because I think we would really have a house full. One of the reasons why HDM has not become a foster mom yet for Basset Rescue. She knows she will be a foster flunky for sure. :) We have been on a few walks, taken some trips to the vet to have our nails done. Tabby has been fighting a terrible skin alergy and has been taking pills for a month or better. She goes every two weeks to the vet for her Hydro-bath. She smells so good when she comes home and Winston keeps his nose out of her butt finally. :) He actually is the one that got HDM to pay attention to her and take her to the vet. He so loves to take care of his girls. :) Well HDM is hoping she will get a new computer for Christmas, because the one we have is way to slow. It needs some more memory and it is old, we can't find memory that will work in it. So please if you see Santa can you tell him that HDM needs a new faster computer so we can blog and post more pictures faster. After our trip to see Santa last year, that won't be happening again this year. See the people didn't listen to HDM and let us run all over the place, Winston peed on Santa's boot and knocked the camera light shield over. I guess he was just very excited to be seeing Santa. Of course, me (Cleo) and Amiee were perfect angels and Tabby stays home because it stresses her to much. HDM said it stressed her just a little to much when Winston got away from her in the parking lot and was running around like a 2 year old that had just ate two bags of cotton candy. As you can see Winston is always the one causing some sort of ruckus for us. But if you look into those eyes, how can you not but just love him to death. :) Well HDM will be getting home from work before long so we better get off here before she realizes we hijacked the computer today. We promise not to be gone this long again and HDM is hoping to take Christmas pictures of us this weekend. That should be very entertaining for us. Talk to you soon, because HDM wants to post some pictures of the recent Basset Transports she has done for Basset Rescue. We don't meet them but we sure can smell them on her when she comes home. The Hounds

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