Monday, December 28, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas - Santa Paws

What did you do while you waited for Santa Paws to come?
We had to stay on guard and watch for that jolly old man in a red suit to come while HDM and HDD went down to visit our HDB who recently moved out. We miss him but he stops buy all the time and will be here for Christmas morning. Here are a few pictures of his Christmas tree and Blaze the cat. I know a little odd for a cat to be a hounddog blog, but family is family.
Cleo and I (Amiee) watching for Santa.
HDB's Christmas tree, you can sure tell he doesn't have us around all the time. He sure wouldn't have that big ol' tree still standing like that. :)
Blaze the cat......
Well they finally came back and said it won't be long before Santa Paws arrives. So we had a little fun and some picture taking prior to settling in for a long winter nap. :)
HDM took some pictures of the Christmas tree and Natavity scence that sits high on a table. Must keep little hound paws from the decorations and protect Baby Jesus.
I think Santa Paws is hiding back here behind this gate.
No silly, Amiee you must be sleeping before that jolly old man shows up. See I am getting ready to snuggle in for the night. I want to make sure I get presents. :)
HDM and HDD thought it would be pretty funny to see how 4 hounddogs acted with a wrapping paper tube. That thing there produces some pretty far out noises and Tabby by far did not like it all. She ran out the back door and then popped her head end and voiced her opinion very openly.
Successfully got that noise maker away, know if I can just get through at least one of these door ways I can teach it a leason.
Success is so sweet. The munching is on. What would they have done without me around.
HDM with her 3 Basset babies. We were trying to make her see that we should open a few of these lovely gifts, tonight. PLEASE.....
Better check one last time before heading to bed, Nope not here yet.................
We're all snuggled in for the night, except for Cleo.
Tabby sleeping on the couch.
Cleo thinking about the Santa cookies she can still after everyone goes to bed. :)
Winston dreaming of, who knows what.
Amiee wondering what the hype is all about before she settles down.
Merry Christmas,
HDM, HDD, Tabby, Cleo, Winston, Amiee

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