Monday, December 21, 2009

Transporting for GABR

Hello Fellow Hound Lovers, Hounddogmom has hijacked the computer from the hounds today. Sorry the hounds have been so lazy on blogging. The waddle was a huge undertaking for them and they have been recouping. They haven't been doing much because HDM has been so busy with transporting rescue bassets for GABR. Seems like this is a very busy time for GABR, trying to get them out of shelters and into foster homes for the HOWLidays. Of course we fully support all hounds and other fur-critters to have a great home for HOWLidays. If you have every wondering how you can help a shelter/rescue, but just know foster is not an option, like our house :). You should consider checking out the rescues and seeing how you can assist. Transporting is a great way to help the rescues, please you get to met lots of new fur-babies. Knowing that you are helping a fur-baby get to its for-ever home is so rewarding. GABR is very good with working with the tranpsorters to accommodate to your schedule. Of course, I am in a job and have lots of vacation that I am more than willing to use for this. Not everyone has this leasure but if you can find just a half day or anything, consider being transporting for your local rescue. Well here are few pictures of the most recent transports I have done. You can always go to the GABR and website and check out the other available hounds. This is Harrison he has the cutest little circle on the top of his head.(available for adoption at GABR) This is Calvin he did not last long once he hit the website. (already adopted) I have several more that I am going to post about as well. HDM

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