Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Howdy, This is me and my brother Winston waiting for HDD (HoundDogDad) to come home. Well the weather is beginning to get really nice in Illinois, finally. We have pretty much had nothing but rain, rain and more rain. This creates a lot of "mud" in the back yard for the fur-kids to play in. It just totally amazes me how 3 hound dogs can go out and not get in any mud, then one goes out and finds enough mud for 10 dogs. You seen previous posts of Amiee after her mud day. Here are just a few pics of us lounging in the back yard. Winston, Amiee and Cleo
All us older dogs use to be able to enjoy the bed, without Amiee. But within the last few weeks Amiee has learned how to use her back legs and can know jump on the bed herself. She thinks this is a really grand thing when she can hang out with us bigger dogs. We on the other hand wish she would never had learned it.
Not much bed left when they all get on there.
Please Mom don't tell me she just figured out to get on the bed.
See ya,
Tabby, Cleo, Winston, & Amiee

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