Friday, May 1, 2009

Cleo's New Best Friend

Cleo again, How about that 2 posts in a row. I just wanted to tell you about my new best friend that HDM adopted. We have a fire-belly toad and he is the neatest/coolest thing I have ever seen. HDM adopted him from her brother when they moved to Texas. They didn't think he would make the trip and they are living on Bolivar Pennisula that was devastated by Hurricane Ike in Sept 08. They have no way to feed the poor little toad. So HDM is a sucker to pretty much anything that needs a home. As you can see in the video I am quite fond of Mr. Toad as well. I have this nice little stool that I purchased (with HDM and HDD's help) at the local community sale. It provides me a nice little stool to see him from and being a basset with short legs I need a little help. Well I hope you enjoy the video of me meeting my New Best Friend - Mr. Toad. Thanks for checking in, Cleo

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