Friday, May 1, 2009

Cleo's Night Out

Cleo here.....
Finally I get to have my say on the blog for a change. My brother Winston and sister Amiee seem to be hogging the blogging time. As HoundDogMom (HDM) stated in her previous post, she works with helping homeless animals. Well on Friday night (4/24/09), I got the opportunity to strut my stuff on the runway. Our local Humane Society had a Paws Pageant to raise money for the their shelter. It was the first one they have had and they had a great turn out. There was 30 dogs total in the 4 various different catagories.
HoundDogMom does not usually do quite all these things with dressing me "Cleo" up. Well since she had just came from a 50/60's themed Basset Ball and still had her outfit. She said it was time to see how I did with dressing up and hitting the "cat walk". Gee when she said "cat walk" I thought this will be fun because I love to chase "cats". But for some reason this was just a little bit of a different "cat walk". This "cat walk" had 2 stairs, red carpent and huge amount of young kids at the end of it. HDM and I entered the Dog/Owner themed catagory. HDM was dressed as the "Greaser Guy", again and I dressed in a 50/60's outfit as well. I did not have the average "poodle" skirt on because mine was homemade and it was the official "Basset Hound" skirt. HDM made my skirt with fringe and a stuffed basset hound on the back of it. I then wore a pink top (HDM made that as well), it proudly stated that I was a member of the Pink Rescue Doggies. Of course, we didn't win but we had lots of fun and raised lots of money for our local Humane Society that night. HDM was so very proud of me and said that I was a "WINNER" in her eyes, and to me that is all that matters.
Here are few pictures of me in my 50/60's outfit. We are already working on the next costume for next year.
Front side to the Back side
HoundDogMom and me before we went on our date. Here are a few of my friends that also were there.
Lacy the "Deva"
Aunt Amy and Uncle Schroeder before costume.
Uncle Schroeder "Little White Dog" in costume I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Because I sure enjoyed helping my homeless fur-friends.
Good Night,

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