Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Attack The Remote Controller Day

Amiee here..... Well today was not one of my better days according to HDM. She told me that the dog house was being built for me. I have been giving her this very sad face all day trying to tell her how sorry I am that "I ate the remote control" this morning. I believe it is partially HDM's fault since she shut us out of the bedroom this morning at around 4:00 am, we were being a little rowdy this morning, a little to earlie. She then woke up late at 5:45 am and opened the bedroom door to me sitting there with little pieces of remote control hanging out of my mouth. I guess that is what gave me away. Thank God she didn't think to grab the camera that early. But she did manage later to capture a few pictures of the now "destroyed" remote control.

See this is not the first time I hate one of these remote that is specific for the VCR/DVD Player. It was my second one and this one she just ordered off the internet and we only have had it 4 weeks. They have been very good at placing these items up high away from my wondering mouth. But last night, HDD failed to do this and it was the first thing I could think to do this morning was turn on the TV. Darn thing would just never work for me. Turns out HDM told me I had the wrong remote to turn the TV on. I needed the other one, to bad she didn't explain that to me before this morning.

HDM is sure hoping I have learned from this. I have received the cold treatment today (a little), but the worst thing of all was I lost my walk privilage for the night. My sisters and brother are not very happy me with. HDM says it doesn't do any good to punish me for something then give me a walk at the end of the day. Let me tell you, loosing my walk is like loosing a kids favorite toy. So this is what I am suppose to chew on now. Amiee

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