Monday, April 20, 2009

Muddy Amiee

Good Evening,
Amiee here.....Running a little late on blogging today, out playing in the rain and mud. Also, we had to skip blogging this weekend. HounddogMom was way to busy to assist. She was attending a fundraiser for basset rescue then helped with the dog wash for the local shelter.
It is sure a good thing she had lots of practice yesterday because I presented a challenge for her tonight. See we have lots of rain in Illinois and I love rain and mud. See being a basset hound and all I am very low to the ground and that mud just goes right to my belly. Mom didn't think to get any pictures of my belly prior to tossing me in the tub. I am beginning to like these things called "baths". Mom says she is definately getting a swimming pool for us this summer. That shoud be fun because I think I can create my own mud then.
Here are a few pictures of my bath after my mud adventure.
This is me thinking I was done with my bath. Mom said not quite yet.
This is me standing in my very muddy bath water. See how I got the nickname "Mud Puppy".
Bath tub ring?
Nice clean puppy and a clean bath tub.Can I "Please" get out Mom?This is me drying off on the couch. See nice clean belly. Here is short video clip of me drying off on the couch. Mom needs to remember to turn the TV down when she wants to video me. You must pardon the background noise.
Thanks for checking in,

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