Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In Memory - Elliott

Elliott was our second basset hound to join our family. We got him when he was about 4 months old and we always called him our "blue light" special dog. We got a very good deal on him and he was worth every penny. He was one of the best bassets allowing you to do anything to him. He would sleep while you trimmed his nails. Elliott and Precious had 12 years together and it was very evident how much Elliott missed his Precious when she passed away. We noticed a drastic change in Elliott after she passed and his health began to fail. He lost an eye to glacoma and was blind in the other. We had him for 18 months after we lost Precious. It was just so hard on him to loose his sight after loosing his mate. We allowed Elliott to be pain free and join Precious at the Rainbow Bridge on January 22, 2007. Elliott you are running free and snuggling with Precious. I can't wait to get ear kisses again someday. Rest in Peace Elliott Elliott (7/28/95 - 1/22/07) HoundDogMom

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