Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st Photo Contest

Good Morning, Earlier this week the local video store announced it was having a Photo Contest for dogs. The winning dog will receive a free DVD "Hotel for Dogs" for their family. I have always wanted to enter my hounds in a photo contest but just never did it. Well today was the big day for them to find out if they have instant fame. This was so hard to decide which pictures should be entered. See most people use their camera to take pictures of their kids funny things. Well unfortunately, I only have fur-kids so I have a LOT of pictures of them. Even had a professional meet me at the park one day and take pictures of Cleo and Winston together. He informed me it was a LOT more work photography 2 very active bassets then photography 2 very active toddlers. Here are the pictures that we entered. Winston, this one is from his professional photo session.

Amiee, showing off her massive ears. Cleo, making her funny face after getting a very good tasty treat for Christmas.

Tabby just chillin on the couch. She is beginning to show her gray hairs. So if you live in Bloomington, Illinois and visit the Family Video store on S. Main Street. Please cast a vote for one of the hounds. Doesn't cost anything just some good fun. HoundDogMom

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