Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raffle Winnings Arrived Months Ago from Shy/Khloe's Auction

Our dear friends Two Pitties In The City had an auction several months ago to raise funds for Shy/Khloe.  Unfortunately, she passed away before she got utilize the funds that were raised by such a very caring blog community.  Since then two Pitties were rescued in her honor and currently receiving the medical treatment they need to become well again.  Note:  One of the rescues in Shy/Khloe's honor has been adopted out and the other one is waiting her fur-ever home as well.

Well one of the items they had on the raffle was a Camera.  So I placed all my raffle tickets (5) of them on the camera.  Well I won that camera and it arrived a few weeks ago.  I immediately went out and brought some film for it (old 35m film) it takes not digital.  It is a good thing I brought a box of 4 rolls of film, because I totally screwed up loading the first roll.  Even though I had been warned by Two Pitties in The City that loading the film can be tricky.  So I loaded another roll of film and read the instruction book and the special instructions from by friends on their experiences of with their use of the camera.

Here is the very nice card that came with the camera.  Are those not some sweet looking Pitties in the City.

The camera

All I can say is I need some work on taking new pictures with a 35M camera again.  There were lots of people that were wanting to see our finish product after using the camera.  So here ya go, all I can say is I need practice.  This camera has different settings so you can take like half pictures and things.  We had it on this setting think we could get more practice because we had twice as much film to take pictures.  Just as I was informed you need to make sure you aim is higher or you seem to cut off a lot of heads and stuff.

Some we are not quite sure why they turned out the way they did.

Here I was standing on top of the picnic table trying to take pictures of Winston

See the 2nd picture, no body for Amiee but I got my shoes.

You can advance the film part way and try to get overlay shots or not

This is Cleo on her daily "Snake" hunt

And another headless, Amiee

As you can see I need lots more practice, but it is fun and gives me something else to challenge myself with.



  1. Congrats on winning the camera but HDM it looks like you need some practice. At least you have some good subjects to practice on!

    The CheeseHound

  2. So cool! I think they turned out really well and so artistic! The fun part is you never know how they're going to turn out and I love the surprises. I've found myself aiming too high on some of my photos now--where before when I did it standard level it was too low. One thing I realized to always get good shots is to do scenery. My pictures from Navy Pier were really good, and when we took pictures from our trip to Tulum, those turned out really well too. I'm excited to see more!

  3. That turned out pretty cool! I remember having a little camera that I tried to get overlay shots with, hoping it would look like a ghost picture! lol I hope you have fun with your new toy!

  4. I think they turned out fantastic! It's part of the fun with that type of camera for photos to be different and unexpected - and I liked the one with your shoes!

    I take loads of photos, and sometimes the ones I think are the worst are the ones Mitch likes the most. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :D


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