Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pets Eye View Camera - Your Ticket to Wordless "Mystery" Wednesday

I have been seeing pictures from my friends Two Pitties In The City that their dogs take with the Pets Eye View Camera.  Well a few weeks ago we seen on Khyra's Blog that Friends of SOS-SRF was having an auction to replenish their rescue fund.  Well we are all about checking these auctions out and seeing what cool things we can find.  And as we mentioned above Mom has been wanting one of these Pets Eye View Cameras.  She feels that we need something else to do on our walk besides just, sniff flowers, pee, poop and sniff a fuzzy butt out of his hole if we can.

Well see one that camera thing and she got it in the mail last week and we immediately had to attach it to Winston and head out for a walk.  Well I have found that it doesn't quite work as well on my hounds as it does for a little bit taller breed.  The hounds have pretty short legs, and long floppy ears that tend to get in the way.  Also, that darn Winston does not slow down very much, so here are a few pictures from our walk.  You can set the camera to take pictures every 1 min, 5 min or 15 mins and the camera holds 40 pictures.  Well our walk usually last about 40 minutes so we thought we would take a picture every minute of our walk.  HA HA

Picture #1
This is a lovely picture of our front screen door (lower half)

And maybe you can tell me what some of these other pictures are of, because I dont' have a clue

He did stop and lift his head here and there and we did get a few shots of the outside walk

Oh, look he is as good as me with his new camera.  He chops the heads off as well.

These are some shots of HDD's garage.  We always stop here for a treat after our walk

I left the camera on him when we got back not knowing there was still some pictures left to be taken.  Well he seemed to sit on the back porch and just snap away.

Here is a picture of his own fire hydrant in his back yard

And this is where our Wordless "Mystery" Wednesday picture came from.  Winston seemed to capture me being a very good mom and I was caught red handed ------


He even wanted to show you how nice his yard looks after POOP duty is done.

I was absolutely BOL/LOL when I uploaded these pictures and found the ones of me picking up POOP.  We all know if you have doggies, we all pick up POOP but having your dog actually take pictures of it and then post it on the blog for you.  Gee Whiz....Thanks Winston...


P.S.  If anyone else has one of these cameras and can offer any suggestions on how to attach it better to the collar or harness, I would love to hear from you.


  1. Congratulations Winston on your selection of modern art, didn't you tell the human you were going for the surreal look ;-) I'm sure if we wore cameras all you would see would be beards flying in the wind! Have a great weekend, Dex & Lou x

  2. Wow winston your and HDM both take some funny pictures!!! Congrats on winning the camera! But keeping working on it, we know you'll get the hang of it!

    The CheeseHounds

  3. E and I were sitting here laughing; we love these! I never realized that there might be a difference because your pooches are so much shorter, but I guess that they just see that much lower to the ground. It's always so fun to see how the photos turn out. Once we just had about 15 photos Mr. B took of his orange carpet.

  4. I thought maybe you were using one of these cameras. I have wanted to try one of these cameras, but I have short legs, too!

    I love the picking up poop picture. That's blackmail material!

    Your pal, Pip


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