Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GABR Transport - 5/2/2011 (Kathryn - Young Basset)

Once again the call comes to rescue a hound that has been found as stray and unclaimed by their owners.  For the life of me I will never be able to understand how you can bring a fur-end into your family (especially a pup), then have this "pup" wonder away, then to not even make an attempt to recovery your fur-end just angers me to know end.

May I introduce to you Shelter Hound "Kathryn"

She is about 6-8 months old, very small (19 pounds) but very very fast.

As you can see I have the collar a little tight around her neck.  You see this little girl slipped out of the slip leash the Animal Control people had on her.  She got away from me at their facility and I chased her for 10 minutes in a field trying to catch her.  I have never had this happen to me on a transport and I was scared to death.  I had no idea how I could tell my rescue I had lost my transport dog.  Once I caught her I held on to her so tight and got her in the BUV secured in the kennel.  This has taught me that I will never take one outside of a facility in just a slip leash.  I will always make sure they are secured in a very good collar/harness and leash.  The slip leash they had on her was very short and she was very quick and whipped around like crazy.

Once I got her caught I am leaning on the back of the BUV, gasping for breath, legs about to give out, I am on the verge of a heart attack, kicking my self in the A$$ for what just happened.  And then the Animal Control lady comes out and here is that conversation. 

Animal Control Lady (ACL):  Know that you have caught her, did the slip leash come off her.  Do you have the leash with you, where did the leash come off her at?

HDM:  Well DUH, lady WTF do you think happened (said this to myself).  I proceed to tell her, as I gasp for air, that yes, she whipped around and slipped out of the leash.   I tell her that the F'ing leash is in that field somewhere.

ACL:  Well do you have an idea about where the leash came off her at?

HDM:  In that F'ing field somewhere.  When she came back from the field she did not have it on her, so I have no idea where it came off at.

ACL:  Well I am going to go get some workers to help me look for the slip leash in the field.

HDM:  Good Luck with that and have a Great Day!

Let me tell you, this was a very light weight nylon black leash with a ring on one end ( a slip leash).  Maybe cost a whole 59 cents at the store.  Well the only thing I can figure out is they must be held accountable for these darn things.  Because she was very serious about looking and finding that F'ing slip leash.  I sure hope she found it because I would have hated for her to be docked pay for losing a F'ing stupid slip leash that isn't worth a flying F.

So this young thing made her ride in the kennel. 

Once we got to the Dwight Clinic I had all the doors shut and let her get out of her kennel so we could snap some pictures.  She was such a great rider and slept the entire way but was very curious once the BUV stopped moving.

It is so hard to hold a wild hound and try to snap a picture at the same time.  But there was no way I was letting her down for anything.  I had a death grip on her and carried her inside to the clinic.  She was not getting away from me again.

I just found out today (5/10), that once she completes her vet check-in process and gets spayed she has already found a family that is interested in adopting her.  I posted a picture of her on facebook shortly after I picked her up and she had a family express interest immediately with her.



  1. Sorry for laughing...............goodness knows our human typist can relate to that post.
    Well let's hope they found the b....y lead!
    She is one very pretty girl - it is impossible to understand how someone would not be searching for her.
    Thankfully our own humans tell us they have not had to search for either of us for quite some time but they have plodded the fields with torches in the pitch darkness!!!
    We are glad she has already attracted interest and we keep our paws crossed that her forever family will always love her.

  2. So scary; I'm glad you got her back. It's a wonder how anyone could have not wanted to keep her; she is so cute. And it's so great there is already interest.

  3. Oh yes: every transporters' nightmare - having one get away -

    Khyra has slipped her Martingale collar - and that caused an hour chase - that was the longest one I've had for her -

    I had one Husky Mix - sweet girl - with a collar that wouldn't stay connected - didn't realise it until the third time - I just stayed calm and kept her in my sights - plus, she was very bonded to one of the others on the transport - so she didn't stray too far from him -

    What a beauty - glad she'll be home 'soon' -

    But grrrrrr on the two idiots in this post -
    the first doesn't deserve her and the other - well ;-)

  4. Oh sheesh! I'm glad you caught her and held on. We once had a Greyhound transport that we were told to always keep two leashes on, one attached to a collar and one to a harness. It seemed like overkill, but she was a spook and an escape artist. Nobody was taking any chances with her!

    I am not surprised somebody already wants her! She's a total cutie pie!


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