Thursday, May 5, 2011

GABR Transport (4/22/2011) - Miss Maisy

The call came that it was time for Miss Maisy (AKA Missy) to make her way to her fur-ever home.  There is nothing more special than being part of a transport, when they are going to their fur-ever home and just in time for Easter.

Miss Maisy

Even though she had the entire back of the BUV with blankets and beds she choose to sleep like this the entire roadtrip

Soft, wavy hair  

Sleeping so soundly 

Rain for almost the entire trip 

Still sleeping........ 

Really sleeping soundly....... 

The tongue hanging out the entire time she slept.  This must be very common for her because you could actually see how her little tongue was cracked and dry looking

Just as we were making our way to drop her off she moved to the back of the BUV to the dog bed 

Miss Maisy meeting her new Mommy for the first time.  You would have thought that they had known each other for years and years

This was her meeting her new Mommy's friend 

HDD needs to work on his picture taking skills.  You can just barley see Miss Maisy looking into her new Mommy's eyes so sweetly. 

Another not so great picture that HDD took 

Miss Maisy it was a honor to delivery you to your fur-ever home and we wish you all the best in your new life.  You were a sweetheart and we know you will be loved to the hills and back.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs, HDM and HDD

P.S. Mom has been so busy with transports and getting ready for the fundraiser for local Human Society but she is working on transport posts and our Easter Egg hunt post.  We have done 3 transports in the last week.  Yikes.


  1. thanks for all you do! so psyched for maisy!

  2. What a great post!!

    Glad Miss Maisy found her furever home!!!!!!

  3. Your family is so wonderful for being so involved in helping SO many doggers. You are truly inspiring and we really want to do our part to help once we get settled.

    I can only imagine the satisfaction of delivering someone as cute as Miss Maisy to her forever home!

  4. Mom says she SO knows the power of the transports!

    She so wishes more would seize the opportunity to experience it fur themselves!

    Bravo fur giving of your time and your green paper$ -

    What great pikhs!


  5. Awww! There is nothing cooler than seeing a transport meeting their forever family at the end! You were lucky to be involved! Maisy doesn't look stressed in the least!


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