Saturday, April 9, 2011

Richie and Ronnii Auction Winnings Are Arriving

We had the opportunity to bid and then actually win a few of the items from the Auction for Richie and Ronnii.  

We were able to bid enough kibble money to win Mom this beautiful bracelet.  It has some very detailed work on it and fits Mom wonderful.

Faith, Hope, Love Stretch Bracelet
Donated by:  Slimmer Pugs

18 Piece Kitty Stocking of Toys
Donated by:  The Slimmer Pugs

We purchased this to give to our 2-legged brother for his new cat that he adopted.  This is Sassy she is 8 years old and her family that has had her since she was a kitten decided the daughter (9) had allergies and brought her to the vet and wanted her to be put to sleep.  The vet choose not to do this, but placed her up for adoption.  We are so glad that our 2-legged brother remember what Mom taught him about helping the homeless, no matter if they are 4-legged.


Girl/Harness Jacket
Donated by Mr. Pip

We purchased this for our Grandparents fur-kid, Ruby (a red-headed poodled).  She lives in Texas most of the year but she is up visiting for the next few weeks so we were finally able to give her the present we won.  Here is the great card that Mr. Pip sent with the jacket and then a few pictures of Ruby modeling.

Look at all them sweet pups on this card.

Miss Ruby sitting on her Daddy's lap.  She was a little unhappy with her human sister placing this on her.

Here she is finally standing up so we can see it on her.  It fits pretty good a little big around the middle, but she is a very tall, lean "toy poodle".

Ruby's parents (our grandparents) really seemed to like it because it had the hook off the jacket.  This takes the stress of Ruby's neck.  She did wear it all day but then got a little chilly up here in Illinois and she had to have her heavy sweater back on.  But we thinks she will be styling when she gets back to Texas and gets to go to the beach in her new jacket.

We were so honored to be able to spend our kibble monies to help out Richie and Ronnie and their Mommy with their medical bills.  Blogville is truely an amazing place to met such wonderful friends, that are willing to reach out to others in their time of need.  Thanks to everyone that donated goodies and a special thanks to JD and Max and their FH for organizing and putting together our great auction site.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs


  1. Ruby, looks adorable!!!! If it is too big, you can trade it for a smaller size. Let me know. If you decide you want to try the smaller size, just send me this one back and I can send the smaller size directly to Ruby in Texas. I will double check, but I am pretty sure she makes this one it a tiny size.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. You guys have great taste! I especially like that bracelet -- it looks so pretty on your mom!

    Congrats to Sassy on finding a new home, too!


  3. I think all those items awe pawfect and yso awe you fow spending youw kibble money on the to help Wonii and Witchie. We go t outbid on evewything, but i'm so glad fow all the gween papews that wewe waised. I think Wuby looks adowable and it's a pawfect wawm weathew outfit
    smoochie kisses

  4. Furry nice winnings!

    I got a great bag-o-stuff from Oskar and his mom - I need to blog about it soon! We were furry happy to have the winning bid!



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