Friday, April 29, 2011

Always Playing Catch Up

As usual, it seems like we are always trying to play catch up on the blog.  HDM tries really really hard to keep everyone updated on what we may be up to.  It just seems like lately she keeps going on about how busy, busy she is.  It seems like maybe she opened her mouth one to many times in last month.  She has been so very busy with transports and then this thingy called a Fundraiser.  We don't have a clue as to what this is but it sure seems to be taking up all her time.  Seems she volunteered her typing fingers to do some data entry work.  Our local Humane Society is having a huge fundraiser in 2 weeks and the data entry must be done by this weekend or the programs cannot go to the printer.  But we insisted that she take some time update what has been going on since the Basset Ball, which we didn't get to attend.
Last Thursday, (4/21) Amiee went for her second Nursing Home visit.  Once we are able to drag her out of the BUV she really does well with everyone.  She is very shy, quite and is very content with just sitting with her head being petted.  Amiee has no formal training to be doing this so we just wing it and try to make sure that we mind our manners and things.
As you probably know we have got hooked up with this great group through Tales and Tails.  They are way more experienced at this and have an idea of all the different things we can encounter.  They blogged this past week about Ice Cream being everywhere, well it is true.  Bunny and her crew are a lot taller than Amiee so they can access these things a lot easier.  It takes a little effort for Amiee to reach the Ice Cream unless someone is just outright trying to feed it to her.  There was an elder gentleman (EGM) in a wheelchair and he was very insisting that Amiee needed his Ice Cream.  Our conversation went something like this.
EGM:  Well hello there sweetie, (not me Amiee), would you like a bite of my ice cream?
Amiee:  Gives me the look, is it okay, Mom?
HDM:  Amiee, you know that we can’t eat Ice Cream when we are out working.
Amiee:  Sad eye look, but he said it was okay
EGM:  Well I don’t mind sharing my ice cream with her, really.
HDM:  I appreciate your welling to share your ice cream, but it is part of her training she must not accept food from strangers.
EGM:  Well I am not a stranger because we have been introduced already, and I really think she needs some of my ice cream.  Ice Cream makes everyone happy, he proceeds to tell me,  she doesn’t look happy.  Look at her eyes, what is wrong with her eyes?
HDM:  Well she is a basset hound and they have very droopy eyes that are blood shot a lot.   She also got a walk shortly before we came tonight so she is really tired, I told him.   (This night, Amiee’s eyes were exceptionally blood shot and red).
EGM:  Oh, as he continues to eat his ice cream.
We proceed to walk to another wing to visit some other people.  Here are a few pictures of some of our new fur-ends we have met while visiting.  Sorry we can't remember all our new fur-ends names.

This is Gracie and she has been doing this for sometime.  She was the official greeter at the door.  Would give a soft woof woof when someone would come in the door.   

Sniffs, The HoundDogs


  1. Looking good Aimee.. Keep up the wonderful volunteer work. We hope things with your mom slows down a bit and things get back to normal.

  2. Wow - you are so well behaved among strange people, well done! Hard work avoiding the icecream when someones's trying to force it on you, some people make life hard being a dog don't they? Keep up the good work! Dex & Lou x

  3. So interesting! I loved hearing about this. We were always wanting to do something like this with the pooches, but if ice-cream is involved, I don't think Miss M could handle it.

  4. How wonderful that Aimee is doing well at the nursing home. HH used to have therapy dogs in her last job. One of them had all the fur petted off his ears cuz people petted him so much. He didn't care. It helped the paitients. Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Keep up the good work, Aimee!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Sounds like Aimee is doing a wonderful job! Keep up the great work :)

    Rudy's Raiser

  7. Good job Aimee, although I know it is hard not to take the food and they just want to share so much!! Keep up the good work!!


  8. Always amusing what can happen on a nursing home visit. We had a gentlemen put his entire food tray - of roast beef - on the floor in front of Cheoah. Her look was, "Oh, come on. I am supposed to ignore that?"


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