Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amiee Went Volunteering

For some time, I have wanted to get at least Amiee involved with Pet Therapy visiting nursing homes, etc.  The thing is, Amiee has not had any formal training of any sorts.  So accomplishing this, I just wasn’t exactly sure how to go about this.  I have been following the Tales and Tails blog for some time as they have the most awesome adventures and live pretty darn close to us.  I have been reading all about Bunny, Blueberry and Morgan’s trips to all the various places they go.  So I decided to chat with their Mom about it all. 
Well it turns out the group they work with here in our home town in Illinois does not require any type of training.  Well that is just down our alley for sure.  So a few weeks ago I met up with the Tales and Tails gang and got the honor of having Blueberry show me the ropes on how it all worked (minus Amiee) this time around.  Well I can tell you Blueberry, Bunny and Morgan are very well known and everyone just seems to love them so much.  They are definitely experienced in this and we Amiee can learn some wonderful manners from them.
Well last Thursday (4/14) was the big date that we had chosen to introduce Amiee to her new job.  First Mom had to take off early that day to go home and make sure that she was all prettied up for this adventure.  She got a quick bath, brushed, ears cleaned and her teeth brushed.  We left the house and headed to our destination with great anticipation.  Once there I was finally able to get her out of the back of the BUV and get her ready to start working.  Typical Amiee fashion she walked very close to my leg (Velcro style) and kept looking up at me like, WTH have you gotten me into, Mom.  After our official meet and greet with the Tales and Tails clan (Bunny and Morgan) we made our way inside following Bunny and Morgan’s lead.

Do I look excited about my new job

Once we got inside we walked around and followed Bunny and Morgan.  Bunny knows her job very well and I learned a lot from her.  Still staying very close to my mom.  Here are a few pictures that Mom snapped of Bunny and Morgan working.


Morgan looking for treats that Mom was feeding him

Oh, yea there ya go Morgan.  Very nice pose!

Bunny stylish as ever

Amiee, did you say we were going home!

Overall, it was a very good experience and I think I did pretty good.  I made lots of new fur-friends and finally meeting our blogging friends from Tales and Tails.  This Thursday I will be visiting another nursing home, so wish me luck.

Sniffs, Amiee, HoundDogMom


  1. So glad Aimee did so well. We love Bunny and the clan as well. Have fun on your new adventure

  2. That is so neat. I would love to get Beauford involved in something like that.

  3. Me was happy to hear about yous new job-
    yous looked great for yous furst day!

    Can't wait to hear mores-

    Anakin Man

  4. Glad you had such a successful day. Great pictures.

    pawhugs, Max

  5. Amieee
    That is wondewful!
    It's so gweat that you wewe able to leawn fwom that the BEST.
    I know all those hoomans in the nuwsing homes will be thwilled to have you visit and cheew them.
    Good luck to you
    smoochie kisses

  6. Aimee, we thought you did a great job, and we were so excited to meet you! It's actually better if you do keep a close eye on your human when you're in there, because you sometimes need them to keep admiring fans from getting carried away. Plus, visiting in the nursing home is really a partnership and it helps your human to do their part if you stay close.

    We were sorry to be running late, too. It seems like when one little thing goes wrong, it keeps slowing you down even more! We're really looking forward to seeing you again!


  7. Wonderful, I only say wonderful.
    nice woooh

  8. Therapy work is the best, especially with good teachers like Bunny and Morgan. I bet the folks were all happy to see you. I am hoping that someday I will have another wonderful therapy dog like my old bassett hound was.

    Mango Momma

  9. Oh, wow. That's such a cool new job! Mom's thought about having ME do stuff like that, too.

    *whispers* You live super close to me!

  10. Have fun today Aimee, you're a very kindhearted and loving Basset to share your company with folks who are shut in and can't have their own fur-child!

    I was once hospitalized for a lengthy time, and truly, the therapy dogs were wholesome shots of unconditional love I looked forward to weekly!

    I'm so very glad I found your blog, as I am reminded of my own Basset, Baggins who is now at the Bridge. And guess what? He was born in Illinois! In a town to the west of Chicago.

    I'm expecting to relocate this year sometime, and once unpacked,will be searching for a rescued Hound.

    Be well and have fun today! Aimee, you will do wonderfully well!! No one can help but love a Basset!


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