Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Spectacular Tongue Shots

We have found out that Anna The GSD is having a Tongue-Tacular contest.  Of course we are waiting tell the last minute to get our entry since the deadline is March 11th.

These spectacular tongue shots were taken during our 1st ever photo shoot.  The entire day was a cool shady day, until an hour before our outside photo shoot was to start.  The sun came out it got hot and humid, so the tongues came out.  Even though we did get some great photos of them, it would have been nice to maybe not have everyone with their tongue hanging out. LOL

Cleo's Entries for the Tongue-Tacular Contest

Winston's Entry into the Tongue-tacular contest

Two Tongues are always better than one

We hope you enjoy our tongue entries for the contest, Mom had a very hard time making a decision since our entire photo shoot was nothing but tongues.

Cleo and Winston


  1. Awesome entries!!! And so nice to meet you boths!!!

  2. I think you've got some great entries, especially that last one!

    No worries about tonight! Next week it starts at 6:30. I think you'll be fine if you just show up and watch. There's no manual or anything -- you just show up and let people pet you and fuss over you!


  3. Great shots! I love the middle Winston shot, where tongue and ears are all hanging to the same level! :)

  4. WOW!! you guys have some pretty good tongues, much better than mine!!


  5. Nobody does the big old tongue quite like a hound dog.


  6. What a nice tongue you guys have! Even my dog doesn't that good. I envy you.. :D


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