Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cleo's 5th Gotcha Day Belated - (2/24/2011)

Cleo here minding the keyboard.

HoundDogMom has totally lost her mentalness.  She has made the worst shameful mistake a Mom can make.  She totally forgot to recognize my Gotcha Day on February 24th.

I have decided to do my own post about my Gotcha Day and what I didn't get to do and how I am going to make her pay for this shameful mistake.

Well there was no big celebration with party hats, pressies or treats.  I did get a few extra hugs that day, but I guess she didn't really realize why she was giving them to me.  I got the normal treats and got to eat two meals, so I guess that is better than some of my previous days before I came here.  You can actually read all about my original posting on my Gotcha Day here.  I was just about ready to be "put to sleep" when she rescued me from the local shelter, YIKES!  I was a handful and had what they called "severe aggression".  But here it is 5 years later and I am still here and no more "aggression".

I want you all to know that I am dealing with this situation very well, because of the really cool thing she is letting me do for not getting any of the said above items.  She knows that we have lots of furends out there right now that are needing some help with their medical bills and stuff.  Well we at the Hound House have been blessed with good health and we want to share some of our green bucks to help these furends out.

So in honor of Cleo's 5th Gotcha Day (February 24th), we are having a Comment-a-Thon.  It must be on this post to count towards one of the three furends we have decided to help.  We have included a link to each one of the furends we are raising money from from this Comment-A-Thon and the rules on how it will work.

Furends we are helping with YOUR comments:

Blog friends have come together to help raise money fo some great furends that need help with medical bills.  You can read all about the ongoing auction at the link above.
Apollo is a dog who was adopted through Almost Home Foundation, the organization that rescued Trixie a blogging friend of ours, and her mama volunteers for them as well.  Apollo has a life threatening medical condition that going to require lots of surgery and treatments!  Almost Home Foundation is helping his adoptive family pay for the treatments, but then need our help to do so!)  They are holding a Blogathon/Raffle March 5th through March 15th and you can find out all the details at the link above. 

Shy/Khole is a sweet courageous, emaciated pit bull who was originally brought to the animal hospital to be euthanized. Seeing something special in her, the veterinarian asked the owners to relinquish her instead. Shy was diagnosed with diabetes and treated; however, since she was brought in so late, she developed cataracts and lost much of her vision. You can find more information about the raffle fundraiser that our blogging friends Two Pitties In The City are having to raise funds for her treatment.  You can also go to the link above about her fundraiser as well.

The Rules for our Comment-A-Thon:

1.  Leave a comment for which furend you would like your comment donation to go to, either Ronnii and Richie, Apollo, or Shy/Kloe.

Example on how your comment might look:  I would like a $1.00 donation to go to Ronnii and Richie.  Etc....

2. The first 100 comments that are received by Midnight, March 17th will be counted for our Comment-A-Thon.

3.  $1.00 will be donated for each comment left for either Ronnii & Richie, Apollo, or Shy/Kloe.

4.  The comments must be left on this post.

5.  Mom will tally the comments on March 18th and write a post on how much money was raised for each one.  She will then make a donation on the chip-in pages, if available, or contact the respective bloggers that are organizing the events on how to make the payment.

So come on blog furends help spread the word, so we can make my Mom feel bad but make our other furends fill better.

Thanks a bunch,



  1. Well, humans khan be pretty dopsy!

    Happy Gotcha Day Cleo!

    I'll spread the word!


  2. Happy Gotcha day to you!


  3. Our humans are always forgetting those things. Sigh.

  4. Thanks for including us! We will spread the word on our blog, too! :)Happy Gotcha Day, Cleo!

  5. Happy Gotcha day, Cleo! We came over from Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe's blog. We'd like our comment to help Apollo. Cleo, you are very generous to do this commentathon to help others. We're glad you were gotcha'd! Purrs,

    Fraidy Cats Pip, SMidgen, Minnie, and Hollie too!

  6. Plz to forgive ur hooman friend. I glad u had a nice adoptaversary, even if it was a little late! :)

    Good luck to all ur friends who need help. {{{hugs}}}

    Please put my comment $1 toward Shy/Kloe. Thank you.

  7. Happy belated Gotcha Day!! Glad to see you're making your mommy pay for her mistakes!

    We'd love to see $1.00 go to Shy/Khloe. Thanks for the great thing you're doing!

    Extra slobbery hound dog kisses,
    Flash & Ollie

  8. Happy Gotcha day! Me and Bilbo would love a donation to go to Shy/Khloe please.

  9. Happy belated Gotcha day Cleo!
    What a wonderful thing you are doing!
    We would love to have a donation go to Shy/Khloe, Thank you:)

  10. I think my comment didn't post the first time...again, thank you so much for what you're doing. This is so generous of you! We'd love to see all the pooches getting donations towards their cause. Thanks so much!

  11. Since I've donated to the other two, let's go for Apollo this time!!

  12. Aw, happy Gotcha Day! I've donated to Shy, so let's go with Apollo. Thanks for doing this!

  13. Happy belated Gotcha Day Cleo!! We are so happy that you found the perfect home :)

    We would like to donate the $1 from our comment to Richie & Ronnii. Thank you so much!

    Pauley James & Middy Sue

  14. Happy Gotcha Day!
    We're all for Shy/Khloe!

  15. Commenting to help Shy/Kloe. And happy belated gotcha day to Cleo!! ♥

  16. Commenting for Khloe! But glad to get the chance to visit. We'll be back!

  17. I'm commenting for Shy/Khloe. It's so great that you're doing this. Thank you!

  18. What a fabulous idea! Please donate "my" dollar to whoever's total is the lowest...they're all such worthy causes, I can't choose between them!

  19. are so generous! What a wonderful idea. Would you count our comment for Apollo? :)

  20. We donated to Ronnii and Richie and kissed a lot of girls... so please donate this dollar to Shy/Khloe!!!

  21. Thanks for matching contributions for Shy/Khloe!

  22. We are here to support Shy/Chloe! Thank you for helping animals in need :)

  23. What an incredibly cool way to celebrate your big day! I am torn, because I like Richie & Ronnie and am pulling for Shy/Khloe, too! Just give a dollar to one of them for me!


  24. I agree, what a neat way to celebrate your big day. Please give a dollar to Shy/Khloe for me and my mom!


  25. Sorry I am late to the party. What an amazing way to celebrate.

    Your pal, Pip

  26. Happy Belated Gotcha Day Cleo, it is so good when we gets our forever homes isn't it? Mee wants to fank yoo fur doin such a kind fing as your comment-a-thon
    Could yoo donate 50 cents fur mi comments to Apollo pleese


    PeeS. mee said 50 cents cos Richie is gonna comment too.

  27. Forever homes are da bestest fing eva so I is most glads to wish yu a Happy Gotcha Day Miss Cleo.
    Please Fank Your Moms fer doin such a kind fing as your comment-a-thon it is most wondyfuls ovs her and yu.
    Please can donates my 50 cents to Shy/Kloe, I hopes dat it is okays fer me n Ronnii to split fings dis way .

    Wiv Luv
    xx xx


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