Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GABR Transport 2011 #2/#3 - Fred and George (3/5/2011)

This past Saturday Mom had the opportunity to help with yet another transport for GABR.  This transport involved two bassets and they were lucky enough to be transported in the BUV (Basset Utility Vehicle) Mom purchased a little over a month ago.  We must say they must rate pretty good, because we have yet to get a ride in the new BUV.

Since it was a double transport that involved a young pup, it was recommended that I at least have a crate for one of them (younger).  Also, being the first transport in the new vehicle we didn't want to be totally destroyed this time around.  So I took some time off of work on Friday to see if I could find some portable carriers to go into the back of the BUV.  I normally don't crate when I transport but took their advice this time around.  But didn't want to spend a ton of money on the carries.  I was able to find these really nice portable light weight carriers at Meier's for under $20.00.  I got the size that will hold a 50 pound dog and two of them fit in the back of BUV very nicely.  Even though we didn't use one for the older basset.

This is the new BUV she is using for transports.  A 2010 Chevy HHR

Our new transport carriers.  You can see George is going into inspect his and Fred is already caged and ready to roll.

Fred wasn't to pleased with this idea, but did very well besides telling us his life story for the hour drive to Bloomington.

This is George a 5 year old male that was being transported to a different foster home.  Very laid back and just didn't seem to know what was going on.

This is Fred a 7 month old puppy that was left at the shelter in St. Louis.  Fred was the sweetest, happiest puppy and I will not for the live of me understand how someone can purchase a puppy (fully registered with papers) to only have for at least 4 months then leave it at a HIGH KILL SHELTER.  Why not contact the breeder to see if they want him back, why not try to find him a good him home, why not try to find a breed specific rescue, why not just keep him and love him like you promised him on the day you brought him home.  WHY is all he ASKS??

He was being treated for skin infection so he had a terrible bare spot on his back

He just wants to run and play

George out for a walk on a quick pee stop

George keeping tabs on the little guy for the reminder of the trip

Getting a few needed head rubs from HDD

And this picture just cracks me up, tt reminds me of Rusty from The Thundering Herd.



  1. Rusty totally approves of that walking style. He says it keeps the wind off of your nose.

  2. Ha ha ha! Rusty seems to have inspired a whole new generation of hounds! Not that anyone here has tried that or anything...

    Fred is adorable! I don't think he'll be waiting long for a new home at all. I am wishing both of them good luck!

    Oh, and I think you need to take your Hound Dogs out for ice cream in the new BUV!


    P.S. If you're interested in trying nursing home visits, our group doesn't require you to have certification. You could come and visit with us on a Thursday night and see if you like it. This week we'll be at the Sugar Creek place over on Vernon near Veteran's Parkway. Next week we'll be at the Heritage Manor over behind the stadium.


    Furry nice work!!

    What sad stories BUT I know there are happy chapters ahead!!!


  4. Oh we love transport posts. They always make us happy to see homeless bassets going to better places!

    The CheeseHounds

  5. Kudos to you for helping these doggers in need. And I love your new BUV!


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