Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunday - Illinois Basset Waddle - 2010

Illinois Basset Waddle 2010
Sunday, September 19th

Sunday we woke up to a beautiful day that was not suppose to be any warmer than 75 degrees outside.  It was a great day to see a parade of Waddling Bassets.

Finally a picture of us actually attending the Waddle and going into the Park.

Oh, please won't you take this leash off me Mom.  I promise to be good.

Cleo looking like a statue.  Actually while sitting here for the start of the Waddle we had a nice husband and wife with their 2 bassets stop buy.  They came up from the back of us and he immediately says I recognize her.  That is Cleo and you write a dog blog called HoundDogMom.  I was so thrilled that someone actually recognized my fur-babies and acknowledged our dog blog.  He is know become a regular reader and has a GABR basset that they adopted as well.

Can we waddle yet?

Amiee listening to the blessing of the bassets before we Waddle.  Look that is Winston laying down, no I didn't give him a doggy downer.

This is the author Tom Schreck.  I will do a whole post on him and his books soon.

Bassets beginning to line up for the Waddle.

The only picture I have of all three of them at the waddle together.

If you have never seen a Basset Waddle I have found a video that someone took this year.  We were going to try to video tape but with Winston going 100mph it was pretty impossible.  I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and the video.

Illinois Basset Waddle 2010

We successfully completed the Waddle in record time since Winston thought it was another race.  These are some pictures of Winston and Amiee riding the poop out wagon back to the park.  I can't see making them walk another 15 blocks just to get back to the park.  Cleo was at the other end of the wagon with HDD and we were at the front.

As you can see Amiee's head is wet.  Some little boy tried to give her a drink out of his cup and poured it on her head.

Oh, this camping, waddling thing is so much fun.

Or road trip home, Winston doing a little navigation for HDD.

Amiee once again trying to see what is going on.

Crash time.

Cleo took the front seat and laid across my lap for the road trip home.

Overall it was a very successful weekend.  We raised $510 on our fundraising page thanks to all our great friends in Internet Land.  I know that 9 bassets were adopted on Saturday but not sure about Sunday.  There were approximately 150-200 bassets on Saturday for the bash and almost 1000 for the actual Waddle.

The HoundDog Family
Cleo, Winston, Amiee
HoundDogMom and HoundDogDad


  1. Love it! I've never seen so many Bassets in one place at the same time. Did they have a sing-a-long too?

  2. That is so cool! I love that it was a two day event!

    Aimee does not look happy with that water on her head!

  3. We are stopping by on the blog hop and so glad we stopped by your site! I am a big fan of bassetts and yours are so adorable:)

  4. The pics look great - such fun! There is nothing like the sight of lots of bassets to make us smile.
    great work with raising the money and we are so happy that some bassets found homes too.
    We need to come back and watch the video as we are on our mobile internet which does not allow such things..............!
    Well done
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  5. OMC.... You are all too cute. My food human had a basset hound when she was a kid. So, we have a fondness for you. Great pictures. And I love the title... Basset Hound Waddle. I found you on the blog hop... Glad I did. It's good to meet you and hope you like cats.

    Have a good weekend.



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