Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday - Illinois Basset Waddle - 2010

2010 Illinois Basset Waddle
Friday, September 17

Well the Waddle has come and gone for another year.  Here are some of our observations on how the weekend went.  We are going to break it by days for easier blogging reading.

For starters we just love to go places in the House on Wheels.  Here we are in the truck getting ready to leave, actually we were stopped at the gas station before leaving town.

Winston watchs Dad clean the windows

Cleo is so good, patiently waiting

Amiee, please Winston move over and let me see

Oh, finally I can see what the fuss is about

Watching Dad fill the truck with gas

 Amiee making sure Dad knows where he is going and knows how to drive this buggy safely.

Settling down for the hour roadtrip to Waddle Country (Dwight, IL)

We had a brief stop so the humans could eat some breakfast before their day of work began.  We stayed safely in the truck, always in eyes view of them.

We safely arrived and had MORE time in the truck while the humans discussed where to park the house on wheels.  But this time we were very creative and locked the doors from the inside with the keys in the ignition.  Thankfully the windows were left down about 2 inches and they were able to reach their hand in their and hit the unlock button.  They kept holler at us, Cleo hit the button over here; Winston, Amiee hit the button.  What the heck is a button?

Once the spot was decided on we were let loose to wonder for a while, then placed in side the house on wheels to allow the humans to set-up camp for us.  Next thing we know they opened the back door and this is what we see.  Our very own portable fenced in yard.  HDD really really likes those portable dog pens HDM picked up off Craigslist for pennies.  It is 3 of them together with little stakes to hold it in place.  It is right off the back door so we can come and go inside/outside when we want using our dogging ramp HDM also purchased off Craigslist.  As you can see she is very addicted to it.  It either comes from Craigslist or the local Mission (Goodwill).  The house on wheels was purchase, of course, from Craigslist.

Here we are checking and chilling in our new diggs for the weekend.  Friday was spent mostly just hanging buy ourselves while the humans helped get the park all set-up for the Bash (Saturday) and the Waddle (Sunday). 

Once that was done, we got a nice long walk to check out the sniffs and things, boy you can sure find some yummy things that humans leave from that Dairy Queen we were parked near.  Then as we were walking in the park area checking out all the great things to purchase something very unexpected happy. HDD decided he need to check out the port-a-potties.  So Cleo decided to stop underneath a huge tent, but when HDM attempted to get her up, by tugging her leash.  She just fell over on her side with her backside trembling, she was not shaking anywhere else just her backside (butt), back legs.  HDM immediately called for HDD, who, then called for Emmy and Larry Little from GABR.  They immediately contacted the local vet for GABR (Dr. Lou).  Cleo was loaded into Emmy's car and her and HDM took off with her to the vet.  By the time they got to the vet, Cleo was able to stand but still very unstable.  By the time Dr. Lou came in Cleo was walking almost normal, he checked her very careful.  Not dehydrated, no signs of sezuiers (thank God), not signs of paralysis, slight cunky ear.  Dr. Lou determined she must have been overwhelmed and had a possible back spasm.  Cleo has never had anything like this so it was very strange and scary.  Dr. Lou gave her a shot of cordazone and said to maybe consider not putting her in the Waddle on Sunday. :(  Said to call him later and he would also check on her on Saturday.  Boy I know someone sent the man to care for these bassets and other fur kids.  He was wonderful.  We loaded Cleo back in the car and took her back to camp and let her rest the remainder of the night.  Our many thanks to Dr. Lou and his crew, Emmy and Larry Little and all the other concerned people that witnessed Cleo's episode. 

While we ate and began to settle in for the night, HDM took a few pictures of our house on wheels at night.  We had these cool party lights that went around our pen for the weekend.  We think our humans are pretty crazy when it comes to staying in the house on wheels.

Well that is it for the Journey and Set-up day for the waddle we are all settling in for a good nights rest, because Saturday's is a pretty busy day for all the hounds.

Good night from the House on Wheels,

Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. What an awesome trip!! Love those Bassets.

  2. Whew scary first day, but glad everyone was ok.

  3. Hey HoundDogs

    So glad to hear you had a great time at the Waddle despite Cleo's emergency vet visit. Can't wait to hear more.

    Lots of slobber,


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