Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We thought we would sneak this one in as well while the human blogger slacker is on vacation. :)  We did chat with her on the phone and she said go ahead and post it as they will be back today. :)

We only played Paw It Forward with a couple of blogging buddies The Cheesehounds and recently Martha and Bailey.

We got lots of nice presents from The Cheeshounds and you can read all about that here.  But Martha and Bailey had a great idea after seeing us trying to raise funds for Basset Rescue.  Their Paw It Forward would allow you to make a donation to one our favorite rescues/shelters.  With being bassets and HDM doing lots of volunteering for GABR that is where we asked for our Paw It Forward to go to.

Martha and Bailey made a donation to our Waddle FundRaising page and you can read their words of encouragement on our page.

We want to thank Martha and Bailey for the opportunity to play Paw It Forward and making the decision to help homeless fur-babies instead of donating to the Postal Service.

We are willing to carry on this same tradition that Martha and Bailey have started for playing Paw It Forward.  So if you would like to play Paw It Forward with us just leave us a comment and we will get back in touch with you.  We will make a donation to a rescue/shelter of your choice, which offers these nice little pay online buttons.  Unfortunately, we can't give up all our kibble money so we must limit this to first 4 to leave a message like would like to play.

The Hounddogs,
Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. We've already played Paw It Forward, so we'll let others have a turn! It's a great idea you have!


  2. We are struggling with our connection at the moment but glad to see you are following on in the Paw it Forward tradition!


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