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Saturday - Illinois Basset Waddle - 2010

Illinois Basset Waddle 2010
Saturday, September 18th

Saturday morning brought rain showers to the area until around 12:30.  HDM was the chairperson for the registration table so she got that all set-up with the volunteers.  We hung out with HDD for most of the morning just chilling in the camper getting rested for when the rain stopped so we could go see all our hound buddies.  Cleo's shot must have worked because she was feeling much better, we just took it slow and easy with her and didn't push her for the day.

Here are several pictures from the Bash on Saturday.  Very few of us, because HDM is always busy taking pictures of other humans bassets and not us.  Of course, she actually didn't take many pictures since Winston was kept on leash for both days.  Being an entacted male, we didn't want any accidents to happen in case there was a pretty female there.  Winston is a hand full on a leash so not much else happens when he is on lead.

This is Maudie HDMs friend Mary Lou's basset.  She is such a sweetheart.

This is Gunther, he was adopted by HDM's friend Mary Lou and Maudie.  He needed a home with just women because of his fear for men.  He is a very handsome boy that should fit right in with Mary Lou and Maudie.

These are just some random shots that I HDM took but she is not sure what the names are of these beautiful bassets.

This is Duke, he belongs to Shelly Gordon who runs the ABC Basset Rescue in New York.  He MOOs like a cow and always seem to enjoy showing HDM his special talent.  A very unique looking basset that came from California and made a home in New York.

This is the one of the heat races for the Basset Races.  I am sorry to report that Amiee did not make it to the starting line.  She was so scared when she walked in the park on Saturday that we were unable to detach her from HDMs leg.  Then if you did she had her butt glued to the blanket.  If she would have made it to the starting line she would have freaked when the things where put on them so they knew which basset won.  Even though Amiee did not participate it was a great time and there are some really fast bassets and then some that did not move off the starting line.  I do believe the humans were more into the Basset Races then some of the bassets.

This is HDMs friend Marla and her boyfriend trying to get Gunnar to run to the finish line.

This the line-up for the Final for the Basset Races.

Larry Little showing off the trophy that was going to be awarded to the winner.  It will be engraved with the information on it after the winner is determined.

On your mark, get set, ready GO!

I don't have a picture of the actual finish but the little basset that is with the guy in the green shirt ending up winning at the last minute.  She was a late charger and got her nose across the finish line first.

Mary Lou enjoying her 2 basset babies

Gunther taking a little nap

Maudie taking it in.  Another velcro basset.

I do believe they will make a great team.  Maudie and her new brother Gunther.

The King of the Waddle (BJ)

These were just some people sitting near us.  Love the bassets with the hats.

Sweet little girl, no idea who she is though.

Mary Lou trying to figure out how to walk 2 bassets at a time.  It was so funny, HDM told her she walks 3 bassets all on re-tractable leashes. 

This photo is kinda of funny.  Had no idea a basset butt and a human butt was being compared.  Also, taking a picture of the photographer is kinda silly as well.

For some reason Cleo thinks the table is for her to eat on.

Amiee I think is to pooped to eat and Winston just wants to keep on going.

Oh, we got our second wind after a few snacks and brief nap.

Showing off my manliness.

Cleo getting some one on one time while the others played outside before we went to pick up Pizza for supper.

Cleo, Winston and Amiee

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