Monday, May 24, 2010

Tabby - Update

Tabby Updates - The Weekend


We got Tabby home on Friday and she began to eat very good.  We are feeding her hamburger/rice or chicken/rice.  Sometimes with yogart, cottage cheese to change it up a little.  She is taking 4 different meds twice a day right know eating 2 cups 4 times a day.  I think that is a pretty good appetite.  Hard to tell if she is gained any weight.  We go back to Dr. T next week for a follow-up to see about weight and liver count numbers.  She is very social with us but sleeps a lot. 


On Sunday Tabby decided to take a step backwards on her recovery.  She stopped eating again and began getting sick and having running poops.  We were able to get her meds in forcing them down and she continues to drink lots of water.  Seems to have some congestion in her lungs, but not sure if her breathing is heavy because her liver is working so hard.


Called and talked to Dr. T about Tabby's status.  Wasn't what he wanted to hear today about her not eating and getting sick.  These are very bad signs for a fur-kid with Liver issues.  We have had some hard decisions to make today.  We decided to go ahead and try IV treatments for the next 24-48 hours to see how she does.  We know there is no magic pill and she will never get over her liver disease.  We are just trying to decide what the outcome should be.  This morning when I took her to the vet she jumped right up barking and her tail wagging, so I don't think she is quite ready for me to give up on her.  I must know in my heart that I have tried all the options to make her comfortable as possible.  Don't want to watch her suffer and feel she deserves to keep her dignity.  She lost another 3 pounds over the weekend so she is now down to 73 pounds.  Dr. T will give me a call later today with how he thinks she is doing. He was going to recheck her liver counts to see if they have went down any.  If they shows signs of elevation, we most likely will bring her home for a few days and enjoy her before making any final decisions.

Been a rough week and don't look for this one to be any better.  The other Hounds are just going with the flow of things, not getting many walks becuase it is so HOT here.  And having 2 that are mostly black fur they get overheated very easy.  They continue to enjoy the special food treats that Tabby has been eating and they continue to clean up her leftovers when she doesn't eat.  I have found that they really LOVE vanilla yogart on their food and waste no time eating it all.  It use to take Amiee like 1/2 hour to finish her 1 cup of food but with yogart, it is gone in like 5 minutes. :)

Thanks for all your prayers for Tabby we truely apprciate it and we will keep you posted on her health.

HoundDogMom and The Hounddogs.


  1. Oh poor Tabby! It is such a hard time but you are right to do your best for her for as long as possible.
    She will let you know when things become too much for her - it doesn't sound like she is there yet.
    We are hoping for good news and some good times ahead for all of you.
    Sorry you are all going through this.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  2. Tabby! My heart breaks to read that you have sickies. You are such a beautiful and dignified gal. I was glad to read your mom's words because I know she will take good care of you and not let you suffer at all. In the meantime, do try to eat your special food and watch out for the IV, it really makes you pee A LOT!


  3. We will be saying lots and lots of prayers for Ms Tabby!!!!! We do hope she gets better cause being sickies is no fun! When Callie's tummy hurts she likes rice and chicken and sweet potatoes! Have you tried sweet potatoes????

    Lots of slobber,
    Droopy and Callie


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