Thursday, May 13, 2010

HSCI Alumni Days - Dog Park

HSCI Alumni Days - April 17, 2010
A Girl's Day Out At The Dog Park

This was a very busy weekend for HoundDogMom. We blogged about her abandoning us to go to the Paws Pageant, but she did take me (Cleo) and Amiee to the HSCI Alumni Days at the local dog park. Winston stayed home to whine because he isn't one of us special Alumni Dogs. :)

Actually we have our very first slide show to present to our blogging buddies. This was our first attempt at creating one of these. We don't have music but we do have some captions. HoundDogMom has been trying to learn a few more tricks to this blogging world so I hope you enjoy our Girl's Day at the Dog Park.

Cleo and Amiee


  1. Your slideshow is pawtastic!!!!!! We've never made a slideshow either. Looks like you girls had a great time at the dog park. We always have a great time at the dog park!!!! Callie always looks back when we drive somewhere!!!

    Lots of slobber,
    Droopy and Callie

    P.S. Thanks for all the nice comments about Callie. She totally needs all the good thoughts and prayers that the new medicine works!

  2. We loved the slideshow! Loads and loads of great pics of you having a great time!
    We loved seeing HDM too although our mum says if she sat on the ground she would never get back up again!
    We were also amazed that you wanted to go back to the car - we both hate going back to the car and they have to take something very nice to tempt us back in.
    They take us on too many long journeys and we don't care for those.
    Good work with the slideshow - we tried to leave a comment on it but it didn't work.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. Amiee sure is into getting all the sugar she can. Nothing wrong with that. Hey! I thought I spotted a little mini-mastiff. Excellent.

    That slide show was really cool.


  4. We appreciate all the nice comments of our slideshow. It must be pretty easy if our "Mom" can handle it. Here we thought she was giving up on blogging and she has been learning herself some new tricks. I guess you can teach an "old-dog" or "old-human" a new thing or two. If you want to try to create your own slideshow, just click on the "Create Your Own" off of our slideshow. Mom says it is as easy as 1-2-3. :) Hope everyone has a great weekend. The Hounddogs.


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