Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tabby - Thursday Update

Hello to my blogger fur-friends,

I just wanted to say "THANKS" to everyone for sending me drool, sniffs and prayers while I was at the doggie hospital.  I spent three whole days there and two nights, and it is not my favorite place to go and have to sleep.  See Mom really didn't think I would be there overnight and she failed to bring my bed with us, then failed to bring it each time she visited.  Does she not know a "GIRL" needs her own bed especially in a strange cage, that I am not use to being in.

I know HDM has kept you all updated on my status and progess, which I hear is not the best.  But, I just pretend I have not heard that and I just keep on going like the engergizer bunny.  They say my liver is giving out and there is nothing else that can be done for me at this time.  After Mom got done talking with Dr. T (whom I like but I don't like), they decided that I should just come home and enjoy my surroundings and my fur-siblings.  I like the home part, but being slobbered and mauled by fur-siblings is a little much for me.

So, finally I got to bust out of the Vet hospital and come home yesterday afternoon (Wed).  Oh my GOSH, I have never been so happy to be home.  Even if I was slobbered on from ear to ear by Amiee and Winston, it was just nice to see them.  And, oh my bed feels like cotton with the fan blowing on me to keep me cool.  Life is good here at home.

I was a good girl last night and even ate a little L/D precription food (2 tablespoons) and about 10 soft treats for supper.  That is the most I have ate since Saturday night so I got lots of praise and good job Tabby from HDM and HDD.  I then tried about 4 more treats before going to bed at 10:00 with HDM.  And then this morning (Thursday), I had about 1/4 cup of food with about 5 treats sprinkled on top.  I am still just trying to figure out this little "HAPPY" dance HDM does after I eat, not sure what all the hoop-la is about.

But for know I am just so happy to be home with my family getting lots of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs and oh those famous butt-rubs that I love.

Again, "THANKS" to everyone for your support while I work through my ikies.  Here are a few pictures that were snapped last night.  You can tell my fur-siblings missed me they couldn't get close enough to me.


(HDM speaks:  Tabby is in full blown liver disease at this time and unfortunately, there is nothing else we can give her to make it get better.  No "magic pill", this time around.  We decided to bring Tabby home and just enjoy her for as long as we can.  We have no time-table, just taking it day by day.  We are excited that she eats a little today, but know that tomorrow she may not.  We believe this was the best thing to bring her home for a while to spend time with her fur-siblings 4-legged brother and Mom and Dad and we could treat her more like a QUEEN.  We feel that we will know when the time has come to allow Tabby to be with her fur-siblings Precious and Elliott at the Rainbow Bridge.  And we will know in our hearts we have done everything possible for Tabby.  She is in no pain and appears to be very happy at home.
Thanks for your support,
HoundDogMom and Family)


  1. Hi Tabby, we are so pleased that you are home.
    We think HDM is trying everything to make you eat so now is the time to get every treat you ever wanted!
    Really Tabby, go for it, get spoiled rotten.
    Spend some lovely time at home with your family, snuggle in your bed, and lie in the garden when the sun is shining.
    We wish we could come visit and give you some licks .... but then again you are probably getting enough licks already!
    Love you lots
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  2. Tabby,
    It must be good and very comforting to be home. I hope you are resting and trying to eat again and soaking up all the good vibes around you.



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