Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sorry We Have Been So Laxed In Posting

First we must apologize for taking forever to document what we have been up to. See our “Secretary” HoundDogMom is still trying to get the ring out of the bath tub from Amiee’s bath for her photo shoot. No actually she has been busy with fundraising things for Animal Rescues and she told us she just has not had the time to blog in the evenings after working on the darn computer all day at work. I then proceed to ask her if she wanted some Cheese with that Whine of hers.  She actually does pretty good with documenting everything it is the picture thing that slows her down. She becomes frustrated very easy with putting pictures in her blog sometimes. I sure feel sorry for that little mouse that tries to help her out, I hear her banging that thing around all the time. Anyway back to catching up the blog.

HoundDogMom and
The HoundDogs

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