Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Adventure - The Dog Park

We are beginning our adventure to the Dog Park.

Hey, Where did you say we were going?  A dog park, what the heck is that Mom!

Oh, Winston I think you will like the Dog Park, there are lots of different dogs that will want to smell your butt.  You should fit right in Winston.

I told you Mom this really does not impress me at all.

Winston checking out all the new smells.

Winston wait for me, I don't like to be left by myself here.

This was a lab that loved to chase the ball.

Please Mom don't tell me you are taking a picture of Winston Pooping.

Cleo, just goes about her own way.  She greets everyone at the gate and makes sure she says "HI" to everyone there.  My little social butterfly at times.

Did you say we were going home?

Hey Amiee, I am going to catch you.

Winston and his new friends.

Lots of Male dogs, they all appear to hike at the same time.

More bonding with new friends.

Oh, Mom the Dog Park was so much fun.  We are so tuckered out from all this playtime.

Oh, Thank You for letting me go home.
Thanks Mom for taking us to the dog park to play.  It was so much fun and we are ready to do it again, whenever you are.  I do believe Winston was the one that enjoyed it the most.  He is my real social basset, loves everyone (dogs, people, kids). :)  Cleo, just likes to do her own thing and Amiee would just soon stay attached to my leg.

Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. Winston!

    Please to make your acquaintance! Yes we must be related - on my basset side of the family (my momma's doberman!). We (the FUrkids) are what the Chief considers a 'serendipitous accident'.

    You've got quite a pack there. Our Chief loves bassets too!

    LIcks and wags

    Dexter and the Dog WOods Pack

  2. Howdy HoundDog Pack

    We just want to say howdy! We just found your bloggie and are happy to see another basset hound bloggie!

    We just got a new dog park by our house and we enjoy it just as much as you guys seem to enjoy your park!

    Lots of slobber
    Droopy and Callie

  3. Sherri you are a goofball indeed with them special smelling hounds of yours.....
    Give them kisses from Auntie Amy....

  4. What great pics of your social get together! We don't have dog parks in the UK - we are always amazed that all the dogs seem to get on.
    We guess this wont be your last trip to the dog park.
    Martha & Bailey xxx


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