Monday, April 26, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt - Basset Style

HDM has been way behind on helping us blog lately.  She has been very busy trying to complete some projects for the Basset Ball that is coming up.  She makes lots of homemade items to donate for the silent auction.  But, we finally told her that it was time to get the pictures up from our Easter Egg Hunt.  So here it is the long awaited posting from Easter.

Cleo looking for Easter Eggs

Cleo with her find, she would collect 2 or 3 eggs and hoard them tell she could crack each one open.

Amiee and her easter egg find

Don't even think about getting that treat

Back to munching up the find

Winston and his first Easter Egg find

Oh, NO Mom someone laid an egg in our yard

And another

Wasn't long and Amiee found the orange one.  Boy this one is slippery

One small little bit and it pops open!

Yum Yum, that was tasty.  We love HDM's homemade treats!

To bad HDM chopped my pretty eys out of this picture.  I guess the tongue was what she was going for.

Egg with treat beside it, guess someone over looked this one

Cleo, I have had enough of this, I am going back in for a nap.

Amiee on the prowl for more eggs

There has to be one more of them egss with treats somewhere

Sniff Sniff, here Easter Egg, here Easter Egg

Oops, sorry needed to take care of some business.  HDM thought I was doing a pose for her.  Ha Ha Gotcha!

Hey what the heck did I miss!

Okay Amiee that was my Easter Egg.  I found it first!

Sorry Winston, my egg know.  Yum Yum. :)

As you can see the Basset Hound Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success.  All the eggs were saved so this maybe a fun thing to do just on a nice Sunday afternoon.  We hope have a video posted soon, but gosh as long as it takes HDM to blog, upload pics for us I can't imagine what it will take for her to do a video.

Amiee in her first Easter Egg Hunt
Winston and Amiee in the annual Easter Egg Hunt

Hope you enjoyed our Easter Egg Hunt.

The Hounddogs,
 Cleo, Winston and Amiee (Tabby slept through it)

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