Monday, April 26, 2010

HSCI Newsletter Cover Girls - Cleo & Amiee

Last month I (Cleo) and Amiee had a vet appointment and HDM had to go to HSCI to make a memorial donation.  So before we went to the vet HDM decided to stop at HSCI for us to visit all our friends there.  We had so much fun running in their big open front lobby.  Then a nice lady came out that had kept Amiee as a puppy and loved on us a bunch. :)  We then had to pose for some pictures for them and next thing you know they asked HDM if they could do a small story about us for their newsletter.  HDM was very accommodating and gave them lots of stories and told them to check out the blog if they really want the truth about us. :)  Loving, Sweet, Adorable Bassets. :)

Well the next thing you know we were contacted by HDM's BFF that we were on the cover this month.  How sweet is that.  Here is a copy of the cover page that HDM scanned in on the computer.

Is this not sweet or what?

Sorry the next couple are little fuzzy because HDM was taking a picture of the article.  We just were so excited and wanted to share our news.  And they even mention our website so we are doing some serious talking to HDM to make sure she is updating our activites on a regular basis.  She has been a little laxing in this area lately, she seems to help us blog our activites but then fails to post them because.  She says that blogger sometimes gives her fits with pictures and stresses her.  Urgh......

Thanks, HSCI for making us cover girls.
Cleo and Amiee

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  1. You are cover girls! That is wonderful! How happy and lucky your mom must feel to have found such sweet doggies to be part of her home.



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