Tuesday, April 6, 2010

GABR Transport - Theo (Theodore/Teddy) 3/26/2010

GABR Transport - Theo

Last week I got the call that we needed to move a basset from a shelter in Northern Illinois to his Foster Mom in Southern Illinois.  I meet another transporter in Dwight at 10:00am to pick up Theo a 2 yr old basset boy, that was so very much full of life.  I was bringing him back to Bloomington to meet his Foster Mom who would take him about an south of Bloomington.  She is the same Foster Mom that was fostering Polly, but Polly found her forever home so she was ready to break in a new foster basset.

I think I am one of the few transporters for GABR that does it cage free.  I allow all them to sit or lay where ever they can get comfortable.  Except for the drivers seat, but have had a few that thought they needed to be the driver.  Theo had quite the sniffer on him and just couldn't seem to get enough backseat sniffs of my hounddogs.  About 1/2 way home he finally settled in on the front seat as long as his chin could rest in the palm of my hand.  If I would try to move my hand or stop rubbing his chin, he would very gently take my hand in his mouth and move it is body again.  Indicating that he needed more loving rubs, he loved to find the sun shining in the car and lay in it as well.

Theo was a joy to transport and I know I say it about all the bassets I tansport.  My transport coordinator is really worried that one day she will get a call that the transporter has kidnapped a basset. :)

In the mean time enjoy some pictures of Theo and check his BIO out on the GABR Website http://www.bassetrescue.org

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