Friday, March 19, 2010

Tabitha (Tabby) - Gotcha Day


Tabitha (Tabby) joined our family on March 19, 1999. It is so hard to believe that Tabby has been in our family for 11 years. We found her listed in our local newspaper as “FREE – 10 month old bloodhound”. HDD had really wanted a bloodhound after our friends had one. The only problem was that we were at least 30 miles away from home that day and then Tabby was located another 20-25 miles south of our hometown. When we called they said they had 2-3 people coming to look at her and one was a rescue. It was a first come first serve basis on her. Whoever got there first could have her, pretty sad that they didn’t put anymore thought into finding her a good home than that. We immediately left Flannigan, where we were at, and headed back to Bloomington. Once we got to Bloomington, we called again and they said she was still there, so we headed South in hopes we would get there in time. Once we got to McLean, IL we called again, she was still there so we got directions to their house. We arrived at a big old farmhouse, definitely the perfect place for Tabby, they had male hunting dogs and he refused to have them fixed and the Mom refused to get Tabby spayed. So Tabby had to go, sad. The lady yelled for Tabby and next thing you know around the corner this “HUGE” red, floppy ear, long legged overgrown “basset??” comes. Nope it was a full blooded red-bone bloodhound. She comes a running and the first thing she does it pounce us like she has known us forever and then jumps in the truck. We knew right and then she was going home with us. We were Tabby’s 5th home in her short 10 months, but she has not left our side for one minute for the last 11 years. She has seen two of her best friends bassets – Precious and Elliott cross to the Rainbow Bridge. She has lived through the attitude of Miss Cleo, the ankle biting Winston, and then the in your face Amiee.

We did find that when we brought Tabby home she would not come back into the house for us. We then found that she had what is called “Threshold Shyness”. The vet thought that she was probably punished if she went somewhere she wasn’t suppose to she had no idea she could come and go as she pleased. It took 24 hours for her to back into the house from the backyard, another 24 hours for her to come from the kitchen to the living room. When I came home on Monday she had found her way to the queen size bed and has never looked back. She is very protective of her yard and house, but is the sweetest love bug when outside of her comfort zone. She loves to go for walks and sit on the picnic table in the sun.

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Tabby our lives would not be complete without our “OVERGROWN – BASSET”. We love you so much and treasure everyday that we have had with you and look so forward to many more years with you.

Love your
Mommy, Daddy, Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. What a brilliant collage!!! Tabby is the most handsome bloodhound.
    Happy Gotcha day Tabby!! We are so glad you finally got your forever home - took a few tries but you got there in the end.
    We love bloodhounds in this house!
    Your blog header is also looking cool - you have been busy.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. ps we were just wondering if Tabby has ever met Wimsey?
    Not that we are matchmaking but they would make a lovely couple!

  3. Martha & Bailey, no I have never meet Wimsey? Does he have a website, because I would love to go check him out. Glad you like the new header Mom has been busy lately with Picasa, with your tips she is getting better at the collages. :) Thanks for checking me out. Tabby

  4. Hey Tabby! Happy belated gotcha day. You are totally a beautiful gal for sure. Giant bassett hound indeed. Bloodhound and proud of it.

    That was a wonderful story about how you found your family.



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