Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally A Walk Outside

Well we finally have gotten some nice (60 degree) sunny weather in Illinois recently. We were successful in getting HDM to take us for a much needed walk after being so trapped this winter. As you can see I (Winston) and Amiee have a new double lead leash we are trying to work with. As you can see have a little work to do when we come a tree. Amiee never wants to go the same was as I do, she is slowly learning that if you don't want to be dragged you must go my way and keep up. Unfortunately, the camera batteries went dead so Tabby did not get any pictures of her on her walk. We have a small pond to walk around, but that is about it. We don't have sidewalks near our house and the street is way to busy for us. Also, HDM likes to keep us away from the roads as much as possible, just in case we should sneak out of the pen and take ourselves for a walk. We usually take the same path we always go on so she can easily find us.  As you can see Cleo is always bringing up the rear, walking like a snail.  And if she sees a puddle she heads for it to cool her feet.  We just wish we had lots of nice woods and stuff to sniff rabbits like our basset friends Martha and Bailey from Scotland. They have some beautiful pictures on their walks. Well we hope you enjoy our pictures on our walk.

This is what we all look like after we get a nice long walk at night.  This is what HDM really enjoys in the evening.  Peace and Quit. :)

The Hounddogs
Cleo, Winston and Amiee

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