Tuesday, March 2, 2010

GABR Transport - Hazel 3/2/2010

Let me introduce you to Hazel.

Hazel is my latest transport that I did for GABR on Tuesday 3/2/2010.  She was found wondering the streets of Bloomington, IL in mid February.  The lady that found her had no luck finding the owners and thought she may be with babies.  She surrendered her to a local shelter who then worked with GABR to bring her into Basset Rescue.  She had to wait a few weeks since all the Foster Homes were filled for GABR.  But GABR had 5 bassets hounds have their adoptions finalized over the weekend.  So that freeded up some space for Hazel.  I picked up Hazel and drove her to the Dwight Vet Clinic that takes care of the Bassets for GABR.  She will be fully vetted and find out what is going on with her belly.  We hope to have an update soon on weather she is expecting babies or not.

Some random shots that were taken of Hazel on her road trip today.  Just click on the picture or the link below the picture to see a full view of them.
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Something very funny about Hazel, she howled all the way to me with the wonderful lady from the other Shelter.  So she warned me I may need some ear plugs, but we had a nice little talk about what was going on and where she was going.  And you know what she didn't make a sound the whole trip there.  She just wanted to petted and feel your hand on her all the time or she would get restless.  She finally settled down and got some shut eye before waking herself up from her GASSY smell.  She seemed to have gas really bad, so I thought about changing her name to Miss Tootie.

Regardless of your little Toots, Hazel, you were a joy to transport and we wish you all the best for your health and finding your fur-ever home soon.



  1. Hazel looks adorable. When we transported Martha up from Sunderland she was stinking.....we had to have the car windows open wide ....in December!
    Great work with the collage. Have to say Hazel's tummy does look a might suspicious.
    Strange that she would just be wandering the streets!
    We hope she gets a great home. Well done with the transport.

  2. Thanks for the comments. And Hazel is not PG just Chubby. I will be providing a full update on her soon. Really sad story. And I can sure relate to having the windows down all the way. :)


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