Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GABR Transport - Hazel 3/2/2010 - UPDATE

Well Hazel was checked out by Dr. L at the cliinc and he says she is not PG just very CHUBBY.  He indicated that she did have a litter of pups recently.  The reason she has probably been so anxious is that she has been looking for them.  But at the same time he said she was obviously starved at one time and then over ate which led to her belly getting so large.  Her belly was very full and so were her intesines.  She was poopy a lot yesterday they said and she seemed to be filling a lot better by late afternoon.

The sad thing is What happened to Hazel's babies?  Since she was found wondering we don't know if she had her litter somewhere and was just out looking for food when someone captured her.  Or if she was a stray and became PG and then lost the puppies.  We have no idea, which is so sad for me to think there maybe have been a litter of babies laying somewhere waiting for their Mommy to come back.  But since Dr. L said that she had appeared to be starve, I am trying to just think she became PG while wondering and miscarried them.  I so PRAY that this is the case.

Anyway Hazel is doing great and once she is spade and settle in at her Foster Home she will soon find the wonderful life she so deserves.

She deserves only the best as all rescue animals do.


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  1. Such a sad story - we so hate to think of Hazel being lost and hungry.
    We will probably never know about the puppies but at least we know Hazel is now in good hands.
    She will thrive with the love and care she will recieve.
    You are right it is what all dogs deserve and we so wished they all got it.
    Hazel has a much brighter looking future to help her overcome her sad past.
    Thanks for the update - we have been thinking of her.


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