Thursday, July 28, 2011

POTP - Fred (Hound Girl)

Power Of The Paw For Fred

We seen this morning on Facebook that last night Hound Girl had a very scary night with Fred.  Fred has been having seizures for the last couple of weeks and they have been trying to control it with Thyroid meds and know Pehnob med for seizures.  From her updates on facebook it was a very long night for family and Fred.  From what I understand Fred is home and resting and they will continue to try to figure out the right combination for Fred and his meds.

I know she hasn't posted anything up on her blog but I am sure she will once she has had time to rest and gather her thoughts.  If you could maybe stop by and give Fred some Power of the Paw and give Hound Girl and her family some much needed love right know.  I believe they could use it.

The HoundDogs and HoundDogMom


  1. Sweet friends, us kitties will be purraying for your friend, Fred.

    Love to y'all.

  2. Your new blog looks fantastic! Wow! Glad you are feeling better even after the big adventure with the cold box. Let us know how that acupuncture works out. Momma is trying to schedule me for an accupressure and massage.


  3. Thanks for letting us know. I will head over there now.

    Your pal, Pip


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