Thursday, July 28, 2011

GABR Transport - General (7/15/2011)

With everything going on with Cleo I have totally spaced on posting on the latest transports that I have been assisting with.  On Friday, July 15, 2011 I had the privlage of transporting General into GABR


General had a very rough life and is only 2 years old.  And has been nicknamed "General Hoppy" by his foster parents.  See General only walks on 3-1/2 legs.  He has 3 perfectly good legs, but can only use his 4th leg (right front) for balance while sitting or while doing stairs.  The vets feel that General had been hit by a car sometime ago, and his leg was broke but was never fixed properly, but fixing it at this point in my life will cause me a great deal of pain.  My bad leg does not cause me to in any pain and sure doesn't stop me from doing anything a young basset does.

General also was heartworm positive when he came to GABR, but was very lucky that it was just a mild case and he only had to endure 2 heartworm treatments.  Which he came through with flying colors.  He only has a few days left of crate rest and then he will be available to find his fur-ever home.

Best of Luck General, you deserve to find your fur-ever home real soon.

Sniffs, HoundDogMom

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