Friday, July 15, 2011

Cleo's Home

One of her bandages on her front leg, the other leg is shaved
Cleo is very determined the bandage should come off

After talking with Dr. T yesterday morning, he decided to let Cleo come home last night for some good loving from Momma.  He said that she still has some delay in bringing her back foot back up when he pulls it behind her.  It now takes her like 5 seconds vs. 15 seconds 2 days ago.   She takes a little longer to get up from laying down and get her back feet planted.  I just hope the oral pills (steroids) that she will get to take at home, will be able to do the same job as the intervenous ones were doing.  The main reason he wants her to really come home is that she won’t eat for him or any of the staff.  She won’t eat for me there either, and he really wanted to see how her tummy did with food.  But he knows that I am very good at following orders and he will here from me no matter what tomorrow morning with a report.  If I think there is any decline in her condition, from not get the meds interviously, then I will take her back.  We hope to get her in next week to see the Chiropractor Vet to give her some adjustments.
Dr. T give us an official name for what she has “Wobble Syndrome”.  Here is one link that explains it in greater detail.  Cleo' has the 2nd vertebrae in her back out of alignment.
want to thank all our blogville friends for all the healing vibes for Cleo.  I was so overwhelmed with all the comments that we received.  I actually set and read everyone to Cleo so she knew how much she is loved in Blogville.  A big "THANK YOU" to Mango and Dexter for putting the word out that Cleo needed the POTP.
Sorry, I am just know getting this updated on her status.  I worked on getting her settled when we got home, got her to eat about 3 tablespoons of food for me, gave her some quality back rubs, loving, etc then we all settled down for some sleep.  Winston and Amiee are so excited to have their fur-sister home, we all got some good quality sleep last night.   Oh, and when I went to go to bed last night guess where I found Cleo.........On The Bed snooring like crazy.....
In the meantime, Cleo will be getting lots of rest.  No access to the doggie door all day long, walks, roughness, Basset 500.  Should be fun, because as we all know that once the drugs are working they seem to forget about their pains and want nothing more to do than play. 
The HoundDogs, HDM and HDD


  1. Oh, this is very good news this morning.
    Keep following the doctors and mom's orders, rough-housing!

  2. Thats great that Cleo is home. Keep giving her some TLC.


  3. I hope that your biggest problem is keeping Cleo from running about cracker dog. She will feel better just being home. We are keeping you close in our hearts.

    Mango Momma

  4. Hurray so happy she is home! My paws are still crossed that she will be OK.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. I've heard of Wobbler's Syndrome! I wouldn't call it "common" in Greyhounds, but it happens often enough that I've heard it discussed. I'm glad she's home and doing better!

  6. mango sent us-- sending woo big monstah healing vibes! glad woo got to go home where life is comfy:)


  7. Hi Cleo,

    We are also friends of Mango and we've had all 16 of our paws (there's four of us, we're not some sort of monstrous dog/centipede hybrid) crossed for Cleo. We are glad to hear that she is home and hope she continues to improve!

    Sheps w/Pep, Otis & Edgrrr

  8. Oh we are sending pawerful prayers that Miss Cleo gets all better quickly. We know that she will do better in your loving arms than at the vet!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. We're so glad you're home, Cleo. More AireZen is coming your way!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch


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