Monday, February 1, 2010

Winston Birthday Bash


Well from what I understand I was the Internet Basset to join the family.  As the three other hounds in the family are rescue fur-babies.  HDM was out their cruising the Internet one day looking at Basset Puppies.  She was doing this from what I understand to try to ease her heart since she had lost her male basset, Elliott, six months prior.  Well my picture popped up and she could not resist those eyes of mine.  I think I was pretty posing like the picture above, just smaller version).  She immediately inquired about me and presented my picture to HDD as, I have found your basset boy.  Well the rest is history after that and the deposit was on its way.  They found out that I was actually a re-post because the family that was to purchase me in Canada backed out at the last minute when I got sick.  I had to get well before I could fly and they were not willing to wait for me.  I had to wait almost 5 weeks before they came to pick me up since they already had plans to go to Texas for a family vacation.  They would pick me up on the way back from there.  I was born in the hills and hallows of Southern Missouri and was the last of my litter to find a home.  But boy let me tell you it was well worth the wait.  I came to my new home and found Cleo my basset sister, who from what I understand could be a little moody.  She was not with me and she loved me fromt he start.  I also had this very tall fur sister that looked a lot like me but much longer legs.  You guessed it, Tabby - the bloodhound.  She was not as fond of me and since I was an ankle bitter when I came home she resorted to the bedroom 24/7.  Amiee joined our family after I had been here for about 18 months.  I have such a special bond with all my fur sisters, but Amiee is probably my best buddy (I did a great job of raising her).  I think I am a very loving basset but Yes I do have my times where they question if I am a Basset.  See I have a bad habit of counter-surfing, clearing a counter of everything is no problem for me.  I have some longer back legs so I do a lot of walking on them, which allows me to reach things in high places.  Oh, butter is my favorite right out of the dish is the best.  I also get to sleep with HDM and HDD every night, my special place is between them with my own pillow.  I am so glad to have found my fur-ever home here in Bloomington, IL.
Here are a few pictures of my special day.  I of course was not fond of dressing up with my birthday hat.  I will get this thing off my head.
Sweet success, sorry they are blurry I was moving a lot so these are actually action shots. :)

These are some of the special birthday treats HDM picked up at the Doggie Cookie Store.  Don't they look yummy.  The large one in the center was for me Birthday Boy, Winston.  I was nice and shared with the other hounds, they got some of the smaller treats but they were all so very yummy.  Thanks Winston for sharing your yummy birthday treats with us as well.

Here are just a few pictures of the new toys that I received for my birthday.  Amiee would steal most of them, so I think she really enjoyed them. 

Here are a few pictures of my hound sisters trying out my Birthday hat.  As you can see they were a little more cooperative than I was with the Birthday hat.

This is me the Birthday Boy with one of my treats.  Yummy Yummy.  Also, check it out, a half way decent picture of me and my hat.  Give me a treat and I will sit for anything. :)

I sure enjoyed my birthday and so glad that HDM and HDD brought me into their lives.  A hound dog could not have it better. :)

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  1. What a great birthday bash Winston. We wish we could have been there - well we love treats and toys!
    Our mum says the collages are easy with Picasa - she then posts them from Picasa straight to the blog.
    It is a fun way of showing quite a lot of pics.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx


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