Thursday, February 4, 2010

GABR Transport 1/25/10 - Huey

Just a quick post to let you all know that HDM and HDD did another transport for GABR this past weekend.  The call came in on Thursday that there was a Mass transport coming to Bloomington, with a hounddog on it.  These particular dogs in this Mass transport were coming all the way from Missouri.  They had hand off stops in Quincy, Springfield, Bloomington, with the majority of them going up to the Chicago, IL area to be placed for adoption.  GABR decided that Huey would be a great fit for their rescue and that is where HDM came in.  So Saturday morning they meet the group of people at our local Cracker Barrel and picked up Huey to take him to the clinic that assists GABR with their rescue dogs.

HDM told us that she really felt bad for Huey because he was really in rough shape.  She said he was very very skinny (you could see his ribs and backbone, sunken tummy).  She said he was one of the worst ones they have picked up.  She said she cried when she first seen him because of the way he looked.  Huey is very handsome just very skinny plus Heartworm positive.  Not sure what that is because we take these chewy tablets year round that HDM says keeps us from getting any type of worms.  Because from the sounds of it you don't want worms, especially Heartworms.  We just keep praying and sending lots of hound drool to Huey at the clinic.  Huey will pull through because of his strong will and Dr. L's love for animals.  He will just have a very rough tough going at it the next several months.

Of course, HDM has been working on having the camera attached to her hip so enjoy so pictures of Huey.  Huey won't be available for adoption for some time because of his health issues.  He must get strong, get rid of the worms and get some meat on them bones.  HDM says she is sure she could have taken care of that part, because as you can see from our previous pictures we don't miss to many meals at our house. :)
We send lots of drool and prayers to Huey.

Get well buddy!

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  1. Oh poor Huey, we don't like to see a skinny basset!
    This post has reminded our mum she must be about due our worming tablets!!!!
    Good work with the transport - it sounds like a long way for the dogs but we know they will be fine with plenty of stops.


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