Monday, August 17, 2009

Swimming Lessons Anyone

Well HDM tried to do something totally different with me this past week. I told you we have been busy with lots of stuff. I am not sure how I got selected to be the one try this wonderful adventure on my own. I guess I drew the short straw this week. HDM has a BFF that is an animal lover as well. She has two dogs (Wally and Minnie) who love to swim, so she thought why not invite my BFF and her hounddog Amiee. See I am named after HDM's BFF (Amy), she sent the pictures to HDM and it was down hill after that. Well here are some pictures of my first swimming lesson. We're doing what? Swimming? I think this water may be chilly. I must first test the water Well this might not be to bad. I don't need to go further. Well I don't think I am quite ready for this. HDM decided I was ready so I was taken to HDM's BFF. Here I go...... See Bassets do swim! Once is enough for me. I am going home. \ BFF, Minnie in the back and Wally in the front. Swimming without his life jacket. Go Wally. Minnie and Sammie in the lead. Please Mom, don't ever take me to swim lessons again. Finally back home. Catch me if you can. She took me swimming and I didn't like it. Do you want to go next time? Winston, this swimming thing isn't really a basset thing. Swimming is hard work though. Good Night, Well I sure hope I don't have to document one of these types of posts again. I can sure think of better things for a basset to do then go swimming. Amiee

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  1. We tend to agree Amiee - we have discovered we can both swim but as you say yourself it is really not a basset thing!!!
    Have a good weekend.
    Martha & Bailey xxx


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