Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Long Over Due Walk - Part 1

Thought we better check in with everyone and say we have had a very busy week. For starters we finally got that long over due walk we had been howling about. HDM has been very busy with tending the garden (canning beans, tomatoes, cucumbers) and then corn last night. We love to eat green beans, and Winston really loves tomatoes. I think he is very confused and thinks it is a ball to play with, then it smushes and makes a mess. Enough about that lets get to the walk we went on the other night. HDM has never even attempted to take pictures on a walk with us. Seeing walking 3 basset hounds on leashes doesn't really leave much free time for the hands to use a camera. But we have always known that this mom has some hidden talents that she doesn't want everyone to know about. The only thing I noticed with her pictures is it is mostly of tail/butt shots. I think she is going to have to work on this just a little because not everyone just wants to see our cute little butts, they want to see some of these sad droopy eyes and long ears. She promises it is a work in progress and will improve with time. Winston, Amiee, Cleo looking for rabbits Winston, lets go!
Amiee and Winston waiting on Cleo Cleo always bringing up the rear
Hang on tight HDM!
This is what 3 retracable leashes look like
Amiee and Winston - Anyone Home? Amiee - Common Cleo lets go! I know I smelled a Fuzzy butt! Amiee/Cleo - soaking hot feet
Gotta hurry, looks like rain...... Oh, is it all over, I don't want to go in
That was our walk for the night. Check out Our Long Over Due Walk - Part 2. That ones has pictures of Tabby and Winston on their walk. See HDM can't walk all of us at once, so she does it in shifts. Us the three bassets walk first then she brings us home and gets Tabby. Winston being the wild child that he is he must have two walks so he goes again with Tabby.
Hope you enjoyed following us on our walk. We sure enjoyed it.
Cleo, Winston and Amiee

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