Monday, August 17, 2009

Long Over Due Walk - Part II

This part of the walk will be about me (Winston) and my big sister Tabby. See me being the only male hound in the family, I need quality time with all my girls. No actually HDM says I just have way to much engery and two walks help mellow me down for 5 minutes. HA HA. Here are a few pictures that HDM took of us out the second part of our walk.
Winston and Tabby just getting started
Continue on to greener pastures Tabby looking for duck poop Tabby doesn't even notice the geese
Winston has spotted the geese...Tabby HELP! Tabby to the rescue Tabby and Winston sniffing it out Tabby - hot/tired? Well that is it for the walk.
Winston and Tabby

1 comment:

  1. That looked like a lovely walk - we enjoyed seeing the pics.
    Martha & Bailey xx


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