Tuesday, August 5, 2008

HoundDog #3 Joins the Family

At one time we had some friends that had a bloodhound, my husband said it would be cool to have a bloodhound sometime. When we will ever learn to never say these things in the presence of a dog lover. This particular day we were headed to a small town where they hold a community sale. Everyone sets their stuff out on the curb of the main street and it is all auctioned off. We were about 20 miles from home headed NorthEast when he stopped and bought me a paper. I love to read the paper and don't like to be disturbed when I do. I was ready the ad section and came across this one that said "FREE" 10 month old bloodhound. I immediately told him and gave me one of those looks, again. We proceeded to our destination, it was a very cold March day, blowing snow and about 20 degrees out. Not a good day for a sale. Of course, we still were behind the times and didn't have a cell phone to call about the FREE puppy. We went to the local Bar and gave the bartendar $2.00 to make call on the ad. The lady informed us that she was abused and already had 4 homes and there was a rescue group person coming out to get her. She said it was first come first serve, basically. I looked at my husband he looked and I looked at him with that look. I told the lady that we were leaving Flanagan and we would call when we got to McLean. This was 40 miles back to Bloomington then another 20 miles to McLean to the South. Well 2 hours later we called and the lady said still nobody had shown up for her and we proceeded with directions. We arrived about 10 minutes later on this farm, a little warmer but still in our carharts. The lady came out and greeted us and then yelled "Tabitha". A few seconds later around the corner came this big red floppy eared long legged "HUGE" puppy. She immediately came over to us, almost knocking me down, smelled us and jumped in the truck. I am sure you no the rest of the story on "Tabitha". Tabitha joined our family on March 19, 1999.

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