Monday, March 5, 2012

Hats of Hope

Today we are pawticipating in "HATS OF HOPE" for Miss Judi.

Our dearest friend Miss Judi has been having some very bad sickies lately so we are joining in today to show our support for our dearest friend Miss Judi as she awaits the results of her tests last week.

If you don't know Miss Judi and and her wonderful group of fur-kids.  You should stop on over to her blog SASS and leave her some words of encouragement.  Miss Judi has helped so many people in blogville as she is known to "HAT" everyone in blogville, or work her wonderful magic on your blog and make it all fancy dancy.  We haven't been hatted by Miss Judi as she has been so very busy and then got the sickies, but we have had the wonderful privilege of having Miss Judi do a blog makeover for us.  She is always way ahead of the game and always has our blog header changed to the next holiday before we can even ask.  Miss Judi was there for us and designed the most beautiful memory badge for our beloved Cleo when she made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

So won't you join us today and stop by their blog and offer her some words of encouragement as she awaits her results.  Miss Judi please know that we are here for you and send you our love, support and prayers.  Along with everyone else, we have turned off comments today so you can hop on over to Miss Judi and SASS to leave your words of encouragement.

The HoundDogs and

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