Monday, February 13, 2012

How Am I Adjusting - One Month

Bella here,

Finally I have been able to sneak this little bitty blue box into my comfort zone (the bed) and get to tell everyone how I am doing in my new home.

I was officially here one month on February 6th. I have to say me thinks, things are going pretty gosh darn good. My first week was a little rough, all though I love my fur-siblings very much we had a few issues with the kibbles (not me, Winston). See I am a pretty laid back girl and still trying to get the hang of how things work in the hound house. I know that Winston has been here the longest and he still had to be reminded that Mom is at the top of the pecking order. BOL

Since I spent so much time on my own in a back yard with nobody to feed me or love me, I am still trying to figure out this whole "house" routine. I have used my doggie door since the first day I came to my fur-ever home. I have never had an accident which, Mom says that is awesome for being an outside dog for 2 years. I don't sleep in a crate anymore, but sleep on a baby bed mattress with a soft doggie cushion on top of it with a nice fleece blanket, next to my momma's side of the bed. I sleep all night long and get up at about 5:00am when Mom gets up. Amiee plays major bitie face with me first thing, she so happy in the mornings and loves to get the day started and I just go along with it. We then gets to go outside to potty and do our business, and when we come back inside Mom has our breakfast all fixed up for us so we can eat and get ready to take our morning nap after Mom goes to work. As soon as Mom leaves we open the bedroom door and run in there and crawl back in bed with Dad for a few more hours of snuggles.

Mom says that each new day brings me a little bit more out of my shell. She has found that I love socks and anything that can come out of the clothes basket (clean or dirty). They will usually make their way out the doggie door or to a very special place on the bed. I like to gather all my things throughout the day and keep them safe with me. I have gained 2 pounds in the month that I have been here. My vetman says that Mom has to be the only one that can get a dog to gain weight on LIGHT dog food. BOL I love to play and lounge outside on our doggie beds with my fur-siblings. We run and play and snuggle together at night after we complete the Basset 500.

Mom and Dad have found that my least favorite time of the day is early evening hours when the sun is setting and it is beginning to get dark outside. Darkness seems to be my weakness and scares me the most. Mom has been trying new things to try to help this transition go smoother for me. One thing she found this weekend was if she places my fleece coat on me around 4:00pm, I seem to do a little better with my transition to darkness. So we are trying this out to see if it works, she thinks my fleece coat is acting somewhat like a “Thunder Shirt” and gives me some security. Actually she has named my fleece coat “Bella’s super duper power coat”, she thinks it gives me super powers to overcome my fears. Me thinks she can be a little silly at times, but hey I go along with it to humor her. BOL

Do I look like I have super powers?

Mom has said that she is so glad that I “Bella” decided to adopt them.

Sniffs, Bella

P.S...Mom wants to know if any of my new blog friends can suggest a good place to purchase doggie clothes at. She says I have a few functions coming up and I need some new clothes to wear. Anybody got any good suggestions for online pet clothes?


  1. YAY, Bella, we're happy that you are settling in so well. Love to all of you.

  2. My gosh Bella! It was so good to read how well you are doing. I bet your Momma is some glad you adopted her! You sound just like Fred with the clothes, clean or dirty he thinks he has dibs on anything in the clothes basket or anywhere else for that matter. I'm glad you have your Super Duper Power Coat to help you overcome your fear of the dark. Your family sure got themselves a good sweet girl when you adopted them! :)

  3. Aww, that's so great you seem to be settling in just fine. One of our favorite places for clothes is, they got lots of stuff to choose from. :)

  4. Bella, you are doing great in your new home! You've had so many new and loving experiences. You is one lucky pup now!


  5. Oh,'re doing just super duper GRRRREAT! It took me a LOT longer than that to start to get used to living inside a house. I bet in about 6 months, you won't even remember what it was like to live outside. I think your mom is awfully smart about putting that coat on you to make you feel better. Having a coat or a t-shirt on Most Definitely helps me feel better about stuff.

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  6. Aw, you are looking great there, I am sure you have some super powers! I tend to go in the nude, and when Momma went shopping for my Halloween costume, she got it at Target.
    Hope you have continued successes!!!

  7. What a wonderful blog post Bella... You are doing so great and you betcha you must have super powers to adjust so easily.

    We don't wear clothes, so I don't have any suggestions... Sorry about that.

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  8. Bella, sounds as if everything is going great for you. Addy and I had time adjusting too but it all worked out too. Give it time and you will be just like you have been there all along. We dont order clothes off line, cuz my mom makes them. Your super duper coat looks mighty snazzi!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  9. So glad things are starting to look up with you and you enjoy your new family...Theres nothing like a great family to make you feel loved. ps you look awesome in that super powers coat!

  10. Bella, you are doing awesome! We are so very impressed with your potty skills. You do look extra-specially-girl-powerful in your pink coat. Maybe in time you will get rid of the scardies. No suggestions on dog clothes b/c we usually wear t-shirts only. Sorry.

  11. Bella, we are so happy to see how well you are doing in your wonderful new home. Wish we could get to sleep on the bed like that:)

    Phantom doesn't like to go out in the dark either. Mom thinks it may have something to do with his vision, maybe not seeing things as well when it is dark. Just a thought.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Definitely looks like you have super powers to me!

  13. Oh Bella, we are so proud of you! And I have been known to gain weight on light food so we have got that in common! In terms of clothes, I like Barker and Meowsky - They aren't cheap, but have really nice stuff for special occasions - and good sales.

    Your pal, Pip

  14. Oh Bella, you are lovely, and I'm so excited to meet you at the nursing home! I knew you'd love it there at the Hound Haven. Your mom and Aimee are just the sweetest!

    Are you looking for clothes to keep you warm, or just to look pretty in? If you want coats to keep you warm, my very favorite place is Voyagers K9 Apparel. If you're looking for cute things to wear, sniff around on Etsy. We often find very cute things there for very reasonable prices, and they're usually very unique, so you won't run into other hounds wearing what you're wearing!


  15. Welcome to your new home, Bella. I am so glad you have a good home and are settling into it quite well. Our Winston thinks he rules the roost too...and that all the food is his. Must be in the name.

    By the way, you look beautiful in your super duper power coat!!

  16. So glad you are settling in!!

    You know, my two "previously outdoor" dogs have both transitioned perfectly indoors. They both did great with the potty training and no accidents!

  17. My momma make a lot of my clothes.. but she buys tshirts and hoodies from, they have some good sales.


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