Thursday, November 17, 2011

GABR Transport (Isabella, Gabe and Felix)

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to help GABR with another transport. This was actually the first time I have had bassets in the BUV on both ways of the trip. That sure makes a lot more fun then riding all by yourself.

A few months ago one of the Foster Parents for GABR was attacked by 2 big dogs in Indiana. He had just got done walking the neighbor girl home from visiting his bassets. The dogs came charging at him and he suffered over 70+ bite wounds and his one ear was pretty mangled but he is one tough cookie. He was able to finally get the dogs off him and get to his house where he could call for help. The dogs were PTS immediately and the owners could not prove any of their rabies shots so he must endure that know. He spent several days in the hospital then several weeks recuping with his family. During all this all his foster dogs and his own bassets had to be farmed out for some extra loving care while he recovered. Well he finally recovered and got we have been in the process of reuinting him with all his fur-babies.

Isabella was the last one of his fur-babies to make it back home and I was so honored to be part of her journey back to her Daddy. Isabella is a very special girl as she is one of the GABR Parvo puppies from about 5 years ago. Isabella was not even expected to walk let alone live through her experience. Marshall and his wife did such an awesome job with Isabella and she is one strong girl that walks like there is no tomorrow.

Well since Isabella was headed to Dwight for her transport back to Daddy, they decided to go ahead and move Gabe to his foster home as well. So Gabe and Isabella rode in the BUV to Dwight when they were turned over to another transporter for the rest of the trip. Gabe was going to his foster family and Isabella to her Daddy.


Isabella greeting her Daddy!  Priceless!

And this is Gabe.  Gabe is new to GABR and was just making his way to his Foster home.  He was about 5-6 years old and one of the sweetest soles.  He loved to be talked to and to have tons of belly rubs.  I also found out that he likes to stick his head out the window when he rides.  This is not safe practice so we immediately rolled that window up.

Then on our trip back to Bloomington we brought Felix.  Felix was making her way to St. Louis to be fostered by a wonderful lady from GABR.  Felix has already have a potential adopter that is interested in her.  She was the most gorgous basset and had a great figure.  She had some meat on her bones.

HoundDogMom and The HoundDogs


  1. What a story! I'm glad the gentleman recovered. What a terrible thing.

    That Gabe! What a face. I'm a puddle.

  2. Looks like HDM had a great transport day!!! We especially love that Isabella got to go home to her daddy!!!!

    The CheeseHounds

  3. What a heartfelt story. It melted my heart. Such a happy reunion!

  4. You should join Cokie the cats Thankful Thursday bloghop!

  5. What a scary story with a good ending. So nice to see Isabella with her daddy. Oh, and that Felix is quite the splendid hound for sure.


  6. Those sweet faces! I'm so glad they have happy homes!

  7. What a super happy reunion that was! I could tell just how much it meant to BOTH of them to get to see each other again. I'm so sorry that nice man got attacked by those dogs. It sounds like they had very, very bad owners.

    That transport sure looks like it was lots of fun!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. We'd just LUV to know which other two doggies that you posted about got adopted!

  8. I'm glad he was okay after the attack! How lucky that he didn't have his dogs with him at the time, too. That must have been one happy reunion!


  9. Love the pics of Isabella and her dad :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. Isabella and our Baxter could be twins! That is so unusual, we have never seen another basset that looked like Super Bax. I am definitely going to check out the basset store that you recc'd, thank you! I liked their facebook page. Is that where you found Shannon's key chain? I love it!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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