Saturday, October 29, 2011

Show Us Your Treat Jar and Christmas Card Exchange

We don't really get into the whole dress up thing for Halloween.  Last year we tried it and Winston could not be caught to get dressed, Winston ate Amiee's costume off her before we even got it on her.  So this year we heard about The Cybersibes holding a Halloween event to help your local shelter.  They are calling it Show Us Your Treat Jar.  So this year we are going to pawticipate in this great Halloween event and show you our treat jar and then drop a bag of treats off at our local shelter as well.  Won't you join us?

Here is our very first treat jar we used when we had all four of the hound dogs.  We went through a lot more treats back then.  Tabby and Cleo had to have a treat every time you walked in the door or they came inside from going potty or heck sometimes they even thought they needed a treat to go outside to potty.  This treat jar has pretty much been retired since we are just down to Winston and Amiee for right know.  They are not as demanding on the treats as the other two were.

This is a picture of our very favorite treat with our "retired" treat jar.

This is what our human Mom came up with for a new treat jar for us to use.  These are more festive she says and goes with the holiday theme.  In this jar we have some homemade peanut butter treats that our Mom makes for us.  We get these crumbled up on our foodables before we eat.

This is another festive treat jar that holds our "favorite" soft treats. We have gotten very spoiled on these and prefer these over Mom's homemade treats anymore.  Please don't tell her we said that though.

This is another picture of our favorite soft treats on top of our treat jars

Mom tried to get a picture of Winston sitting by the treats we were going to donate to shelter but he thought she meant to inspect them.  He would not sit still, see why we don't dress up.

This is our version of showing you our treat jar.  Mom sat it on the floor and told us to sit nicely for a picture.  (HA HA HA)  We just wanted to show you really what is in our treat jar and how much we like them.  Of course, this was the quickest we seen her snap that flashy beast so she could safe the treat jar.

Hey, what do you think of our Halloween Costumes this year?  Can you guess what we are?
We hope you like our treat jars and goodies they get stocked with.  This is picture of the two bags of treats we will be donating to our local Humane Society.  We hope they like them as well as we do.

So remember - Post a pic of your treats, and give a box of treats to your local shelter.... because every furkid deserves a treat!

The HoundDogs


  1. Bugsy and Knuckles are fiddling with the camera, trying to take a picture of their treat jar. Don't worry.... by Monday, they'll figure it out.

    Have a great weekend.

    Pawhugs, Max

  2. Great post! We have our treats for today too!

  3. You all have some great treats there. We only have one treat jar and lots and lot of treats. Mom says there are too many of us now for her to bother putting treats in jars - we eat them all to fast:)

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. We love those soft treats too! Sometimes we guard the car while mom shops, & she comes out with a bag of those to reward us! Love your treat jars - the retired one is funny!

    Thanks so much for taking treats to the shelter pups! They'll really enjoy having something a little special!

  5. Great treat jars!! :)

    Woofs & weekend hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  6. Your retired treat jar is awesome! We are cracking up over Winston and Aimee posing with the treats and jars. Really? Were they supposed to remain calm so near the treats?


  7. That is PAWESOME!

    Khanine Kharryouts are what lured Laska bakhk to Sam when he went off on a one week journey!

    They were treats a furiend had sent us - and Mom stukhk them in the transport bag that weekend -

    WELL, Laska thought they were better than khats -

    So Sam used them to get him bakhk a few weeks later!

    Thanks fur what woo did!

    PeeEssWoo: LOVE the header pikh

  8. Mmmmm.... can I come over for treats?


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